How to Predict Your Miller Analogies Score

The best way to predict your Miller Analogies score is to take a practice test. You can use a resource like Kaplan or Barron’s or, for the most accurate prediction, you can take an official practice test.

After taking the actual MAT, you will receive an official score report featuring your scaled score and percentile rankings comparing you to both others in your major and all test takers. It can be tricky to accurately predict this information using practice tests.

Use a Practice Test to Predict Your MAT Score

Practice tests from guides like Kaplan will score your exam by dividing your total number of correct answers by 120 and multiplying by 100. This will roughly predict your raw score on the actual exam. But for students who want to convert this to a scaled score or a percentile ranking, there are few resources. Your best option would be to use this conversion chart in conjunction with our MAT percentiles blog. This should give you a decent, though imperfect, estimate.

If you choose to take an official practice test, you will receive the following score report:


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This will give you a raw score as well as a percentile range. Unfortunately, the percentile ranges are rather large; each one covers about twenty percentile points! Again, you can take the raw score to the score conversion chart to see what your scaled score might be.

An important note when trying to predict your Miller Analogies Score, you must take the practice test under conditions that resemble the actual exam. Specifically, you need to take it using a 60 minute time limit and with only the resources you will have available on test day: a pencil and scrap paper.

Taking multiple practice tests under actual exam conditions is the best way to predict your score.