How Many Times Can You Take the LSAT?

If you’re wondering, how many times can you take the LSAT?, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover the LSAC’s new limits on taking the LSAT and how to navigate the pros and cons of retaking the LSAT, and whether taking the LSAT for a second time will be to your advantage. Before you get into the decision-making, though, let’s check out some of the basics of LSAT retakes. First, how many chances do you get to take the LSAT?

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LSAC’s Testing Policy

Starting with the September 2019 LSAT administration, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) will only allow test takers to take the exam three times in one testing year. The testing year for the LSAT lasts from June 1 to May 31.

Additionally, you will only be allowed to take the test five times within a five year period, and only seven times over your lifetime. The policy will only apply starting this September, so you don’t need to worry about any LSATs you’ve already taken. These exams will not count towards your maximum number of LSATs.

Finally, if you’ve scores a 180 (aka a perfect score), you will not be permitted to retest. Basically, once you’ve achieved perfection, you can move on with your life!


Should I retake the LSAT?

Count on getting the LSAT right the first time. That means studying properly for it and committing the time it will take to perform well. While you’re allowed to take the LSAT up to five times during your life, doing so will cost you unnecessary time and money. Further, law school admissions officers want to see you be successful on this test on round 1! Want to make sure you’re sufficiently prepared for the LSAT? Make sure you follow a strong LSAT study plan.

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With a limit on how many times you can test, you should try to do as well as you can on your very first try. That being said, you may need to retest, and that is okay too. You can take the test up to five times in your life. Come up with a good study plan from the beginning, however, and you should only have to take the LSAT once!

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