How to Prepare for JEE Advanced: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selection in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most rewarding thing that could ever happen to your engineering career. But as we know, the bigger you want to achieve, the harder you have to pay for it. You have to compete with more than 1.25 million students and get your spot in first 9 thousand. It may appear to be demotivating, but it is the only spark you can get motivation from when you taste failures; only persistent students ace it.

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But above all, there is a simple and meek question: ‘How to prepare for JEE Advanced?’

The road towards success is filled with lots of hurdles and regressive things. If you are competent enough to outplay them, then you are a clear winner. But if you fail to do so at any of the hurdles, your game is over.

A question may come to your mind that what are those hurdles and how to outplay them?

Well, I will be listing only the outplaying techniques and you can easily understand which hurdle that particular technique is all about.


So, here comes the step-by-step guide on IIT JEE Advanced preparation!

How to prepare for JEE Advanced: Choice of School and Coaching

Choice of School

It should be clear that perfect time for starting preparation is from class 11. So, the choice of school also matters a lot. You can look for schools that do not have any mandatory attendance. You would be able to find those kinds of schools in small towns very easily.

Choice of coaching institute

It is generally recommended to not opt for a new coaching center. The most favorable place for IIT-JEE Preparation is Kota and in this coaching hub, you may be moulded by several agents to get admitted in a coaching you should not. The old and well established coaching institutes are the most prominent ones to empawn. Vibrant Academy, Allen Career Institute, Resonance and Bansal Classes are among the most famous ones.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced: Time Management and Schedule Planning

Even before I go into telling you about how you should prepare yourself for the Maths, Physics or Chemistry, you need to pay attention to this: without time management, no magic is going to help you reach your goals. This analogy fits into each and every goal and field in which you want to succeed. You have to say no to smartphones, friends and family during the JEE preparation period. Just disconnect yourselves from all the social things, movies and games, and lead an ascetic life.

Family is only meant for providing you comfort when you are depressed and agitated, but if you are carried away with these things, then the road towards your failure is not far.

Always encourage your brain to perform more each day. If you try to push your limits gradually, then you would be able to achieve the same task in less amount of time. If you tell it that you have just 1 hour to study a chapter, it will give you reverse feedback and make sure that you finish it in not more than an hour provided that you are efficient enough.

However, if you set aside 4 hours for something that could be done easily in 1 hour, our brain will be slow in that process and it will end up making you take those 4 hours to complete the task leading to waste of time. This is as simple as the case that if you have book in your hand for 12 hours then it doesn’t mean that you studied for 12 hours. Day dreaming, ‘present body- absent mind’ are always there to pull you back.

The only thing that matters is how you overcome these hindrances.

A well-planned time table is the key to success. If you prepare a very good timetable taking into account all the resources and tasks, then you are sure to succeed. However, don’t get too obsessed with it otherwise it would backfire.

Always have sound sleep. Having an ample sleep is the most essential and healthy technique to avoid stress. Have a sleep of 7 hours a day in fragments and never try to mishandle your sleeping time.

Fitness and Health are mandatory. To avoid falling ill and losing a week on bed, it is better that you minimize your junk food consumption and do some exercise in morning.

Never skip your homework. Homework is an essential component of your preparation for IIT JEE as it will master you in solving problems, feeling comfortable with latest trends, and sharpening your mind. The more you use your mind, the more efficient it grows.

Keep scrolling notes whenever you get time. If you have a healthy habit of revising, then you are less probable to commit silly mistakes. Also, the concepts will inculcate in you and your accuracy would improve.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced: Get acquainted to syllabus and exam pattern well before and embrace mock drills

After the syllabus is over at your coaching, you should start the full-fledged revision from the very next day. You should study all the important topics first and then solve ample problems in order to gain mastery over them. Certain topics in the JEE Main & Advanced syllabus have more weightage over others, so laying more stress on these important topics will help you score more marks in the actual exam.

Never skip any test at your coaching. The mock tests are the most efficient way to judge you in real time. With these tests, you can come across your weaknesses and work over them. Giving more tests also makes you improve your accuracy and withdraws you from committing silly mistakes. Also, It would be better if you get enrolled in one more test series so that you are not obsessed with one kind of paper pattern.

Learn from failures. It would be highly probable that you may not perform well in many of the tests. Just take a look at your mistakes and try to not to repeat them again ever. The tests are meant for failure and the more you accept your weaknesses and work upon them, the more you get bleached.

Solve previous years’ papers. Always remember, there is nothing called a new question. The JEE Main or Advanced examiners have to test students year after year on the same concepts in order to establish the credibility of the student. Apart from this, you get additional confidence by solving questions that had appeared in an actual JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, which is a testimony to the fact that you will be able to tackle similar problems in your JEE exam pretty easily. These time bound practice tests will surely create a gap between you and other students.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced: Retrospect your day

After you have finished studying for the day, spend 10 – 15 minutes thinking what have you achieved during the entire day. Lay stress on things like:

  • Where did you waste your time most?
  • How can you optimise your time better for tomorrow?
  • Could you achieve your plan for the day?
  • If not, how can you tweak your timings to study more effectively?

Thinking about things like these will help you keep your preparation in check for the coming 1 to 2 years.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced: Exam Day

Complete your revision two days before the exam. Reach the nearest hotel to your exam centre a day before and purchase all the necessary items you would be requiring in exam hall. Keep your identity proof and admit card in place. Also, get addicted to rising early in the morning a month before exam.

It would be difficult to sleep in the night before the exam, but a sound sleep is must. Have your parents accompany, if possible, as they will be always there to boost your confidence. Have moderate and refreshing breakfast before the exam and in the lunch break.

Also, there would be situations when you would be losing your cool. To overcome that, just start deep breathing for few seconds and you would be normal. If you are not able to do questions, don’t panic — the paper will be tough. Don’t lose your focus.

Never Ever Discuss the Question Paper in the Lunch Break.

The dream of achieving IIT is competent enough to boost you and give you inner pleasure. During JEE Advanced preparation, all you have to do is “hold your nerves”. That period is to be passed with patience, courage and confidence. If you will be able to do so, then no one can hinder you from achieving the glory that has been waiting for you.

Just focus on your target, avoid all hindrances, and you will surely succeed. JEE is all about smart work and determination. If you are persistent throughout your preparation, you will surely succeed. Good luck!

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