Maintaining a Healthy Life for JEE Preparation

Hello. Hope you are doing well with your JEE preparation along with keeping good health. The first part sounded alright, but where did the second part come from? What does “health” have to do with your JEE Preparation?

Okay, I am pretty bad at introducing things and hope you guessed the main idea of this article. Yes, the JEE is important. Very important. But does it require you to sacrifice your health and life for JEE?

The answer to that question, no matter which exam in the world you’re talking about, is NO! After all, it’s just an exam, and not a matter of life and death. The problem is that sometimes it can feel like a matter of life and death! It can seem that huge. And this perception is where students begin to sacrifice their health. You see, they sacrifice their health simply by not paying any attention to it.

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Life for JEE Preparation: Don’t Overdo It!

You must understand that the JEE is not something which requires studying for 18 hours a day, or sacrificing all your hobbies, or becoming totally unresponsive towards your social life. Many students to all of this! But it is of utmost importance that you give due importance to the lifestyle you develop during JEE Preparation. Remember, this exam is not intended to convert students into robots, but to build great future citizens who will set an example for others.

Although I am not the best person to write on this topic (well, actually no one is, everyone had more of a cramped lifestyle due to intense peer pressure). But I can surely tell you how to make this otherwise very tedious phase of your life well-balanced and full of fun.

Develop a Hobby

OK, so it may sound very off-track to be talking about developing a hobby during such a crazy time in your life! The common wisdom is that you are supposed to bang your head on the books of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for months or years. But in the long run you will realize that you are not a machine. You are not programmed to just solve questions, read books, and do nothing else.

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The mind gets exhausted after a few hours of such rigorous exercise. Also, it is of no use to study when your mind is not receptive! Unwinding and relaxing can increase your interest in studies. This may be anything you like, such as reading books, playing some kind of game, strolling outside, drawing, painting, or whatever helps you relax and unwind. It’s important to leave space in your schedule for these things.

Life for JEE: Give Importance To Physical Exercise

This equally important. You may not like it but it is essential to keep your body in good shape. You don’t want to become physically or mentally stressed out, obese, or ill at this stage, right? Okay, playing sports may not be everyone’s “thing” but you can always go for a morning walk every day, or do some meditation. It will help you keep your body fit along with helping you de-stress from your hectic schedule. The fresh air will calm your mind and allow you to concentrate better.

Don’t Study for the Sake of the Exam

Study in order to learn a subject, and in order to understand the scientific activities happening all around you. Just cramming facts and formulae into your brain and not understanding the real reason behind them is of very little use. That’s not what JEE expects out of you, because at the end, after clearing it you will have to use these concepts to work on large-scale problems. Progressing further in your career works much better if you stop cramming stuff, but learn to love exploring the reason behind particular phenomena.

Enjoy Your Studies

The main factor that will help you crack the JEE is not studying lots of books or solving plenty of papers, but your actual interest in the subject. If you think of your studies as a burden then nothing is going to help you. Eventually, you will lose interest in the studying, you’ll make up reasons not to study, and will start ignoring your schedule. And that is precisely what you don’t want, right?

Remember, the JEE is not conducted in order to test your cramming skills. It is conducted to determine whether you are even interested in the subjects you’re studying. That’s the reason why questions are non-trivial and require out-of-the-box thinking. If it were just a test of your learning ability they could have devised an easier way of accomplishing that goal.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy

A sound mind resides in a sound body. Unless you are physically fit, you can’t study well. You can’t afford losing time on illness at this stage. Although in some cases it’s unavoidable, you must always take precautions to stay well, especially when it is about food and hygiene.

Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet, and try to avoid any kind of junk food. Remember the more disciplined you are about your habits, the better off you are than others around you. And discipline includes everything from your studies, to your behavior towards people around you, punctuality, and other habits. Live a disciplined life and you will find things good to go.

So, that’s all. Although this is not a complete guideline of what to do in order to live a relatively stress-free life for JEE preparation, the points mentioned above would certainly prove to be beneficial if followed properly. However, you need to be in some kind of pressure, being too liberal and careless may backfire. You need to have some sort of push from within in order to succeed.

But remember, it’s an exam. It is okay if you have sentiments associated with it, but don’t spoil your lifestyle and your relations with relatives due to this. After all, an exam is an exam–and it’s temporary. Your health and family are permanent. So try to ensure a balance between both at every stage and you will be far better off in the long run. So keep facing, keep learning.

All the Best!

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