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All students who start their JEE Advanced preparation wish to get a high rank by giving their best shot to the exam. Getting a high JEE Advanced Rank is not a piece of cake. It requires great effort, dedication, hard work, and perseverance to achieve the rank of your dreams. The JEE preparation phase is a long one, and it’s easy to lose focus because of lack of planning and poor time management. To get a high JEE Advanced Rank, you need to be consistent throughout the entire phase of your JEE preparation.

In this post, we’ll talk about some tips that will help you achieve a high JEE Advanced Rank.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-1: Start Early

If you start your JEE Advanced preparation earlier than others, you will immediately have an advantage over them. Some students start their JEE Advanced preparation as early as in class 8. However, you should start your JEE Advanced preparation by the beginning of class 11 at the latest. Preparation of a minimum of two years is required for getting a decent JEE Advanced Rank.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-2: Purchase the Best Books

Choosing the right books for the JEE Advanced is very important. If you choose good books, you’ll save a lot of time. It is important that the books contain well-explained theory. You don’t want to have to hop from one book to another in search of an explanation for an ambiguously written theory. Solving problems is an important aspect of JEE Advanced preparation. So, the books that you use should have a collection of good quality problems as well.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-3: Set a Well-Defined Goal

The importance of setting a well-defined goal cannot be emphasized enough. Studies have shown that well-defined goals are more likely to succeed than vague goals. Setting ambiguous goals like “I will perform my best in the JEE Advanced” or “I will get a very high JEE Advanced Rank” don’t work. You need to have a specific goal in your mind. For example, “I will get a rank under 500 in the JEE Advanced two years from now”. You should have a specific number denoting the upper bound of your JEE Advanced Rank in your mind, and you should work accordingly to achieve it.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-4: Solve MANY Problems

Some students have a wrong preconception about the JEE Advanced. They think that it only tests the conceptual clarity of the students. In reality, JEE Advanced tests a lot more than that. To get a good rank, you need to have crystal-clear concepts–along with speed and accuracy in solving problems.

Speed and accuracy can only be developed if you solve a lot of problems! The more problems you solve, the more comfortable you’ll get with the topic. Also, if you solve a large number of problems, it is possible that you might see some questions in the JEE Advanced paper similar to those you have already solved!

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-5: Make Notes

Making handwritten notes while studying is a good practice. Writing notes when you study a topic will help you understand the topic better. You should write all the important theory, formulae, tricks and tips in your notes.

Maintaining notes would also help you at the time of revision, especially if you have studied a topic from several books because you will find all the important things at one place.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-6: Revise Regularly

Revision is as important as studying a topic for the first time. If you do not revise often, you may forget what you have already studied. So each weekend, revise all that you have studied throughout the week. In the last weekend of the month, you should revise all the memorization requiring topics that you studied in that month.

You should also mark the important questions of every chapter, and revise those questions when you revise the chapter.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-7: Enroll in a Test Series

Getting yourself enrolled in a test series will help you develop a habit of giving exams and will help you improve your exam temperament. You will also get to know where you stand relative to other candidates who give the test.

You should analyze your performance in each test to find your weak and strong points. Work hard on the points where you lag and try to perform better with each test that you give.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-8: Solve Previous Years’ JEE Advanced Question Papers

Solving the past JEE Advanced question papers will give you an idea of the level of questions asked in the exam. You will also gain confidence if you perform well in these papers.

Achieving a High JEE Advanced Rank Tip-9: Identify Your Most Productive Hours

Identifying your most productive hours is important because you will be able to study efficiently during those hours. Some students are most efficient in the early morning, while some are night owls. Get to know the time that suits you the best and study during that time. If you feel tired or unproductive, take a break or go to sleep. It’s better to take rest than waste time by looking at the book and doing nothing. Study only when you feel fresh.

Hard work and persistence always pays off. If you prepare well for the JEE Advanced exam, you will surely get a good rank. Good luck!

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