Developing the Right Mindset to Start JEE Preparation

The popularity of the JEE has increased immensely over the years. As a result, the number of aspirants preparing for the exam has increased a lot too. Another thing that has gained quite a lot of popularity these days is starting JEE preparation much earlier than the conventional time of starting preparation – class 11. Aspirants start their preparation as early as in class 6 these days. The number of such students is less, but the ones starting in class 9th are in good numbers.

No matter when you are starting your JEE preparation, you need to understand fully what you are getting yourself into, and you must go ahead only if you feel that you will be able to handle all the challenges that will come your way. If your mindset is good and you start your preparation well, it will be easier to maintain focus throughout the course of your preparation. Here, we will be discussing how you can develop the right mindset to start your JEE preparation in the best possible manner.

5 Do’s to Follow for Developing the Perfect Mindset for JEE Preparation

  1. You should decide the ideal class for yourself. You should start only when you feel it is the right time. If you start early or late under pressure from someone, then you would likely regret it and you might never be able to focus properly. This is a major factor in giving you a good start for JEE study.
  2. Choose the correct coaching. It shouldn’t overburden you. And the proper program should show good results in the past. Don’t go by just the top ranking programs, but also look at the ratio of selected students while deciding. You can choose to self-study too. You just need to be satisfied with how you will be going ahead.
  3. You must understand the kind of pressure that you might have to face during JEE preparation. It will happen many times that your friends will be partying while you will be studying, so you need to be prepared mentally to make tough choices and sacrifice a bit. It is not that you have to totally give up all your recreation, but some hard choices will surely come your way.
  4. Plan out your school and coaching schedule well in advance. You won’t be able to attend school and coaching daily, and then study along with it. Thus, decide about your school attendance before you get into actual JEE preparations. Many students shift to a non-attending school after visiting normal school for 2 months and then realizing that a shift would be helpful. You can talk to your seniors for help deciding this.
  5. Set certain ground rules for yourself. Come in a totally receptive mode before starting preparation. You should develop the attitude of asking questions and really understanding things rather than being over-confident. It is better to take time to truly understand things than to know them only on the surface. So, be curious about all that gets taught to you and ask questions whenever doubts come to your mind. You must not feel shy in asking questions.

5 Don’ts for Developing the Right Mindset for Starting JEE Preparation

  1. You should not stay in any doubt or confusion regarding your goals before starting your JEE preparation. You should aim higher and not question it ever! Tell yourself that you will do it!
  2. You should not be confused about coaching, books, or even school when starting JEE preparations. If you change these parameters in the middle of your preparation you might waste time adjusting and pile up backlogs. So, think of all of them carefully before diving into actual JEE preparations.
  3. Don’t be under-confident. Keep away from anyone who demotivates you. It is not impossible and with effort you can do it.
  4. Don’t get scared by seeing the results of your seniors or siblings. Everyone has different capacities and limitations. So, if they couldn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it!
  5. Don’t hide your problems from your parents and teachers. If you feel too nervous before starting preparations, just talk to them. They will tell you about how you can stay calm. If you keep piling these fears in your mind, you won’t be able to start your preparations with a healthy mindset. Just fix your aim and start going ahead without any fear of failure.

The above points will totally help you in shaping the correct mindset that you must have right before starting your JEE preparations. Just keep in mind that it won’t be very scary or filled with pressure. It is only about not stopping and going ahead. Once motivation dwindles, it becomes a little difficult but even then, there are many options. So, know it, there will always be options. Just excel in what you pursue.

If you start with a positive attitude you are bound to excel in studying for the JEE. There will be times where you will feel like giving up. But in those times, remember your initial motivation and mindset. That will help you gather the strength to continue. So, before starting preparation, fix your aim and the reasons why you want to clear the JEE. Once that is set in your mind, you will never fail! All the best!

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