Board Syllabus vs JEE Syllabus

As we all know, the JEE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams. And most of the candidates who apply for the JEE also appear for their board exams in the same year. Hence, it becomes a prerequisite to know the difference between the boards and the JEE syllabus.

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The topics that are covered in the JEE are almost the same as the board exams. There can be a little variation in syllabus depending upon which education board you appear for. Mostly, the 10 + 2 CBSE syllabus is identical to the JEE Main syllabus. However, despite the similarities, both exams test contrasting skill sets.

Board Syllabus

Board examinations are theory-based where almost every question tests your awareness of the basic definitions and derivations involving a particular topic. The exam paper may require you to write answers whose length may vary from a few lines to almost a page. In such cases, you should keep in mind that most of the education boards lay emphasis on keywords for each answer.

JEE Syllabus

On the contrary, the JEE syllabus delves deep into your understanding of concepts and examines your ability to apply these concepts to solve different real-life problems. It is an objective paper, consisting of ~90 questions that you need to solve in 3 hours. The time constraint along with the difficulty level puts a great deal of stress on the candidate.

Difference in the Pattern

While both the boards and JEE syllabus focus on numericals, the scope of board exam does not extend beyond some basic problems which can easily be solved if you know the formulae. On the other hand, questions from JEE are not so straightforward, and demand good conceptual understanding. You need to practice regularly and have a good grasp of the topics involved in order to perform well in the JEE.

Curriculum Difference

Another difference is the width of the curriculum. The board syllabus is usually limited to the topics covered in class 12th, while the JEE syllabus encompasses everything taught in the two years of classes 11th and 12th. This gives students an opportunity to focus towards the JEE during the first year, and develop strong foundations.

Apart from this, you should note the fact that some JEE topics are not a part of your school curriculum. These topics will vary depending on the board you study in. Therefore, you should thoroughly go through the prescribed JEE syllabus as well as your Boards syllabus.

Different Strategies

When you are preparing for the boards and JEE simultaneously, you should adopt different strategies for both of them. Usually, there is a pattern in the questions asked in your board exams. Some questions get repeated over the years. It is recommended that you go through the past papers as many times as possible. This is not the case with the JEE syllabus. Although questions with a similar concept may get repeated, you’ll almost never see the exact question twice.


For the board exam, you need to be good at presenting your answers. Although it is rare, you may lose marks for illegible handwriting and poor presentation. There are a few topics that will fetch you easy marks if you learn them by heart. The same does not apply to the JEE. The JEE is more about thinking and implementing. The more you practice, the better you will score in the JEE.

Also, if you are well prepared with the JEE syllabus, you can do great in your board exam! But the converse is not true. You need to be clear in your goal and stay motivated towards it. All the best!

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