Benefits of Online Coaching for the JEE

Technology has changed people’s perspective on things. We have come far from using pigeons for delivering letters to video-calling our loved ones. The Internet has proved to be a boon for humanity, fitting the big world into a mobile phone. It is constantly expanding and making its way into the lives of students. Gone is the time when JEE aspirants were advised to stay away from all sorts of distractions; including the internet. The Internet has now allowed aspirants to prepare for the JEE online, and has brought us a lot of other benefits as well.

Efficient Use of Time And Money

With each year, the difficulty level and randomness of the marking

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scheme for the JEE exam is increasing, and it has forced more and more students to join coaching centers. But not all coaching centers offer genuine education — some are just trying to get your money! They impose heavy fees on students and once you have paid them, you have no other choice but to study there, even if they offer inappropriate education. Apart from fees, there are other daily expenses too in the form of transportation charges and food. Besides, a lot of time is also wasted as you travel back and forth between your coaching and home.

With JEE online courses, you can comfortably sit in front of your computer in your room and grab all the knowledge you need for passing the examination at much more affordable prices than your local coaching institutes. Besides, there are tons of online options from which you can choose the one that benefits you the most. Most of the online sites offer demo sessions. This is an excellent way of letting you try out the program so you choose the one that best suits you, and don’t waste your hard-earned money. And since you do not have to go to your coaching daily, you save both your time and money. This valuable time can be wisely utilised to boost up your preparation and performance.

Convenient Access to a Wide Variety of Study Material

All of the JEE online course material is present on the internet, and you can save it directly onto your computer. You do not have to search and buy a different book for each new chapter. Everything is present on the web. Since you are on the internet, you also have different sites (some free, some paid) from where you can get your preferred study material. The course sites also offer informative lecture videos for assistance.

The Internet is a vast place. You can get almost anything you want from it, just be sure to be precise with your search. From books of famous authors to practice papers, everything is present on the internet for your guidance. Many of these things are already compiled in one place by some websites for your convenience.

And since you have an option of downloading the study material to your computer, it is really easy to arrange them topic-wise. You do not have to worry about losing your notes or revision sheets as everything is safely present at the location from where you downloaded it. It is also much convenient to keep track of topics that need more practice. And you can always find more data until you are satisfied with your fluency in that topic.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

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Along with a variety of study materials and video lectures, JEE online courses also offer several online time-bound exams. These exams help you tackle problems while managing your time simultaneously. This kind of practice is very important for the JEE. Besides, from 2018 on the JEE Advanced will be conducted online, discarding the traditional pen-paper based examination. Therefore, practicing online JEE-based mock exams will give you an edge over your competitors. And being a step ahead of your competitors is always beneficial!

24X7 Assistance

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Many (not all) JEE online courses provide you 24X7 assistance, that is, they have qualified personnel to help you at any time of day. Suppose you are solving an assignment at around midnight, and suddenly a doubt arises that needs to be resolved immediately. This is a time when such a feature is extremely helpful. You don’t waste time, you get your answer, and you can proceed with your assignment.

It would not be fair to say that JEE online courses have benefits only. As I have already stated, the Internet is a vast place and one can easily find themselves lost in it. Apart from study notes, there is a lot more on the web which can easily distract students. Social media is one such thing. It would be ruthless to tell someone to stay away from all social interactions. You can be a socially active person but your social activity should not cost you your studies.

It should also be noted that these online JEE courses are also formulated by humans only, which are fallible. You will always find some errors in the study material or the lectures but to catch them, you have to keep your preparation up to the mark. There are no shortcuts on the road to IIT. You have to study with utmost dedication to ensure success. You have to be diligent in your studies and keep yourself mentally strong — so you don’t get distracted from your ultimate goal. I hope that this article gives you insight on the benefits of online coaching for the JEE. I wish you all the very best!

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