5 JEE Main Mock Tests to Prep for Your Exam

5 JEE Main Mock Test to Prep for Your Exam

JEE Main is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. For securing good marks in the JEE Main, you need to work hard and smart. You need to have your concepts crystal-clear along with good problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills can be improved if you solve a large number of problems. The more problems you solve, the more confidence you will gain in the topic.

However, performing well in the JEE Main exam requires a little more than that. You need to have a habit of giving three hours long exams with a good exam temperament. Exam temperament is something that bothers many students. It can be improved if you take many mock tests, each in one sitting of three hours. In this post, I will tell you about five JEE Main mock test sources to help you prepare better for the JEE Main exam!

JEE Main Mock Test Sources

After you have solved a lot of problems from good books for JEE Main preparation, you should try taking JEE Main Mock Tests. The more tests you take, the better you will become at taking tests. Here I have mentioned some books containing JEE Main Mock Tests:

  • 15 Years’ Solved Papers JEE Main
    • It contains the JEE Main question papers with solutions from the year 2003 to 2017
    • It also contains five complete practice tests for JEE Main 2018
  • JEE Main Prep Guide 2017
    • It contains more than 10,000 practice questions
    • It contains 10 Mock Tests and 24 Unit tests
    • A free booklet containing JEE Advanced solved papers of last five years also comes along with it
    • The package also contains a free CD containing five online mock tests
    • Detailed solutions are given for all questions
  • 15 Practice Sets for JEE Main 2018
    • This book contains 15 Practice Sets designed strictly according to the JEE Main 2018 syllabus
    • Explanatory solutions to all the practice sets have been given in this book
    • It also contains four online mock tests which have been designed on lines of the questions asked in previous years’ JEE Main
    • Solved Paper of the JEE Main 2017 has been provided at the end of the book
    • This book also contains a CD containing Practice Sets
  • JEE Main Explorer 16 years Online & Offline Solved Papers and 10 Practice Test Papers
    • This book contains Online & Offline Solved Papers of JEE Main of past 16 years
    • It also contains 10 Practice Test Papers

If you want to try JEE Main mock tests from an online source, you can try Toppr. It contains good quality JEE Main Mock Tests.

Some tips for taking the JEE Main Mock Test papers

  • While solving questions, keep an eye on the clock. Try to solve the questions in a fixed time frame, and try to reduce the time taken in solving subsequent similar questions.
  • After you solve the questions, try to analyze your performance. Identify your weak points and work to improve them.
  • While solving complete JEE Main Mock Test papers, try to solve them in a fixed three-hour time frame. This will make you habitual to giving three-hour duration exams and will also help you improve your exam temperament.
  • Read enough theory and solve enough questions before taking the JEE Main mock tests. The purpose of taking mock tests is to analyze your performance as it would be in the examination. You should take the JEE Main Mock Tests only when you are done with the syllabus and are ready to take tests.
  • When you are taking the mock test, try to mimic the exam conditions. Stay away from all distractions and do not get up in between — not even for drinking water!
  • After you are done with taking JEE Main Mock Tests, you can try solving JEE Main question papers of previous years.

The more hard work you do, the better your JEE Main rank would be. Give your best shot to the exam and achieve the JEE Main rank of your dreams. Good luck!

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