16 Steps Toward Becoming a JEE Main Topper

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Most students start their JEE preparation with full enthusiasm. However, due to lack of planning and poor time management, most students end up losing motivation. This can result in poor performance on the JEE. To be a JEE Main Topper, you need to prepare like a topper.

In this article we will talk about 16 tips to help you become a JEE Main topper.

JEE Main Topper Tip 1: Start Early

Some students start JEE preparation as early as in 8th standard. Some start a bit late. Irrespective of your academic level, we would highly recommend starting your JEE preparation by the 11th standard — at the latest. Every person who aims to be a JEE Main topper surely needs a minimum of 2 years in order to crack JEE with a decent rank.

JEE Main Topper Tip 2: Don’t Be Too Worried About Your High School Performance

JEE is more about testing your analytical skills. If you didn’t get that 9.5+ CGPA in 10th standard, you need not worry too much. JEE preparation has little correlation with your class 10th marks.

JEE Main Topper Tip 3: Create a Study Plan

Ad-hoc study sessions are unproductive. You should try to create a study plan so that you can track your progress and ensure that you do not carry any backlogs.

JEE Main Topper Tip 4: Purchase the Best JEE Books

Right at the beginning, you should populate your study table with the best books for JEE preparation. Books will be your best friends throughout your preparation. Read sufficient theory and solve a lot of problems from the books.

JEE Main Topper Tip 5: Enroll in a Test Series

Enrolling in a test series will help you evaluate your performance on a regular basis. Also, test papers will help you develop the right examination temperament.

JEE Main Topper Tip 6: Set a Specific Goal

It is very important that you set a clear goal before you start your JEE preparation. Studies have shown that specific goals are more likely to be achieved than goals that are ambiguous or vague. So rather than setting a goal like, “I will do my best in the JEE,” aim for a goal like, “2 years down the line I will have a top 500 rank in the JEE.”

Then after every exam or test, you can evaluate yourself to make sure you are on the right track. For instance, if you are consistently scoring low but you are aiming for a top 500 rank, then you’ll know it’s time to work harder!

JEE Main Topper Tip 7: Identify Your Most Productive Hours

Some students prefer to study early in the morning. Some are night owls. Experiment and figure out what works the best for you. Don’t stay up late at night if you feel that your productivity is low at that time. Our most productive study hours vary from person to person.

JEE Main Topper Tip 8: Study from Multiple Sources

Don’t stick to a single study aid. Ideally, you should simultaneously work through at least 2 different study aids. This way, you are not constrained in a specific domain. For instance, if you have been a FIITJEE student, you might want to give a shot at Resonance material also.

JEE Main Topper Tip 9: Avoid Social Networking

Facebook and WhatsApp are a complete waste of time. Study groups never help. You should try to minimize the time you spend on unnecessary things and focus more on solving problems and improving your skills.

Remember, this tough study schedule will NOT last forever! There will be plenty of time for socialization AFTER you’ve aced the JEE.

JEE Main Topper Tip 10: Learn from Mistakes

At the end of every paper, you should analyze your mistakes and see what went wrong. Did you make a silly mistake? Was it a bubbling error? Did you misinterpret the problem statement? Was it a new concept? Answering these questions will help you avoid similar mistakes in the future.

JEE Main Topper Tip 11: Revise Regularly

The JEE syllabus is huge. The last thing you want is to spend a month preparing a chapter, but forgetting it over time because you didn’t revise it.

So make sure to regularly solve problems from previous chapters. You might also want to read theory periodically. A suggested method is to maintain a diary that contains the points that you often forget. This way, in your free time, you can revise these crucial points.

JEE Main Topper Tip 12: Solve a Lot of Problems

You should get into the habit of problem-solving regularly. After all, that is what you will be doing on the day of the JEE! Solve problems from multiple sources. This ensures that you capture as many ranges of problems as possible.

JEE Main Topper Tip 13: Help Your Friends

If a friend asks for help, try to help her/him. This way, you get a chance to revise the particular topic in question. Also, if you are able to explain something to your friend clearly, you can be confident that you know that particular topic well.

JEE Main Topper Tip 14: Solve Past Year Papers

Make sure to solve at least the past 30 years of JEE papers. This ensures that you understand the pattern of the paper properly. Sometimes questions get repeated. For instance, if they often ask about certain chemical reactions, you definitely can’t afford to lose out on such repeated questions! These can be easy to solve if you’ve seen it 30 times before–so grab those marks!

JEE Main Topper Tip 15: Use Technology

Try to make use of technology to simplify your life. For instance, use a to-do list app to track your daily tasks. Another useful way to use technology is to record inorganic chemistry lectures in your own voice. Then you can listen during your free time.

JEE Main Topper Tip 16: Work Hard!

Be prepared to work really hard. There is no shortcut to success. The only way to ace the JEE with a top rank is to solve a lot of problems, read a lot of theory, put in more effort, and beat the game.

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