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  • Senior Year: The Nostalgia

    Throughout my junior year and the summer leading up to my senior year, I was flooded with advice on my senior year of high school. The most common advice that was given to me was to cherish every moment of my senior year, because it would be over sooner than expected. So that’s what I have been doing. I have been cherishing my last moments with my peers and taking in the last of my high school journey.

  • I submitted my college apps, now what?

    Submitting college applications can be a weight lifted off your shoulders. All seniors applying to college know how tedious and stressful they can be and once they are submitted, it is like a breathe of fresh air. Now that your college apps are in, what do you do? What goals are there to strive for?

  • Twenty Things I Wish I’d Known Before Senior Year

    This past week I was grabbing a smoothie with several soon-to-be seniors (boy, do I love unintentional alliteration). Naturally, the topic of school came into conversation and, upon hearing their array of concerns, I was inspired to come up with this. So voila! Here is an exceptionally lengthy and most certainly over-kill list of what I wish I’d known (in no particular order) before starting twelfth grade.

  • To Do List for Soon-to-be-Seniors

    I hate to be “that person,” but for the betterment of your senior year, I will suffer the reputation. I’m not about to tell you that summer shouldn’t be fun, relaxing, indulgent: because it should be. What it should also be, however, is the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the oncoming chaos.

  • 5 To-Do’s Before Graduation

    Whether you’re rejoicing or mourning at the conclusion of the school year, the days we’ve got left are disappearing fast. It’s a weird kind of time for seniors, one in which nobody really knows how to feel. Nostalgic about our fleeting youth? Excited for the transition into “adulthood”? There’s definitely some fear and anxiety that […]

  • That Summer Before Senior Year

    As consumed by finals as you may be (or may not be, if you’re an intelligent senior… I am not one of those), you can start finding solace in the fact that the end is near. I’m talking breakfasts at 11:00 a.m. Afternoons by the beach. Evenings catching up on every Netflix movie that you somehow haven’t seen yet. Summer 2015, here we come!

  • 25 Things I Learned Senior Year

    I’m about to drop some truth bombs.

  • Five Things You Have to Do Once You’ve Made Your College Decision

    Finally! You’ve made your decision about which college you’ll be attending in the fall. It’s so exciting! You are relieved and overjoyed. What should your next steps be?   Celebrate You deserve to #treatyoself. Go out to dinner with your friends and/or family. Have some sweet treats and junk food. Watch movies. You worked hard […]

  • Making the Choice

    If you are reading this post, a pretty huge congratulations is due because you did it! You got into college, and that alone is an immensely significant feat to be proud of. Now, chances are, you are faced by a whole new kind of problem: making the choice. Every single school, no matter how similar […]

  • The Four Types of Second Semester Seniors

    Everyone handles second semester a little bit differently. But over the past few months, I’ve observed four main types of behavior within my senior class. Whether you’re a junior and you want to know what to expect or a senior who can relate to all of the antics that go on at this time of […]