The Four Types of Second Semester Seniors

Everyone handles second semester a little bit differently. But over the past few months, I’ve observed four main types of behavior within my senior class. Whether you’re a junior and you want to know what to expect or a senior who can relate to all of the antics that go on at this time of year, read on and enjoy!


The Partier


The minute this student realized that it was second semester, they decided that it was time to start having nonstop fun. They will leave school during lunch and free periods to get coffee or bubble tea. They frequently go out to dinner on school nights. Weekends mean that they’re hanging out with their crew of friends for 48 hours straight. Does this leave much time for homework? No. But do they care? Definitely not. Whether they’ve gotten into college or are still waiting to hear back, many students decide to turn their life into a party.

Unfortunately, the partier’s grades tend to plummet, which could potentially lead to things like colleges rescinding acceptances. To avoid becoming the partier, check out this article: How to Conquer Senioritis.

The Worker


In contrast to the partier, some students stay just as motivated as they were first semester. They continue to get straight A’s and just sort of do their thing as the rest of us struggle to complete a single worksheet.

If you fall into their category, teach me your ways! You’re magical!


The Acceptee


They’re chilling. They’re relaxing. They’re pretty satisfied with themselves. They’re maybe rocking a college sweatshirt around campus, not so subtly announcing their plans for next year. Acceptees can be partiers, workers, or a combination of both. All you know is that you wish they would stop being so smug…

Whether you’ve been accepted or not, learn how to handle it gracefully here.

The Nervous Nellie


This is the student who is irrationally worried that they’ll get rejected from all of the colleges on their list. Which obviously means that the world will end!!!!!! You’ll notice them working harder than ever and spending lunches in the library. They’ll start to hear back from schools any day now and the pressure is overwhelming. Their negative energy is taking over the entire senior class!

If you have a friend like this, remind them to take a chill pill and read this article.


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