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SAT Video Friday – All Squared Away

Sometimes we want to force an equation on to every problem with unknowns. However, catch yourself if you suddenly hit a wall. What does that feel like? You are desperately scrambling to write some kind of equation and all you get are a bunch of scribbles and the sinking feeling that nobody could solve this […]

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SAT Video Friday – An Equilateral Nightmare

Oh, the dread ratio. Especially on geometry questions! How dare they not give us numbers!? Actually, sometimes ratios can make things easier. The same goes for percents. If you are only looking for the percent by which one thing is bigger than another, the actual numbers don’t matter. Just choose easy-to-work-with number(s). The ratio of […]

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SAT Data Interpretation

Bars and pies? Yum, pass the ice cream! Charts? Whoa, sounds like a fun new board game. Well, in both cases you are mistaken. The most common graphs featured on the SAT math are bar graphs and pie charts. Having a basic understanding of these two graphs can go a long way on the SAT […]

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Big Ideas of SAT Coordinate Geometry

This is Mike McGarry, Magoosh’s GMAT Expert. As you may know, the GMAT is the entrance exam for business school. Believe or not, folks studying to be the business leaders of tomorrow don’t necessarily know any more math that you do! You see, some folks get to the end of whatever their last required math […]

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SAT Math Friday: Extreme Triangles

Every now and then, the SAT uses a property of triangles that throws most for a loop. I like to call these triangles “Extreme Triangles”. So let’s imagine an isosceles right triangle. Remove the hypotenuse and you’ll get two line segments that meet at a right angle. Now, take the vertical segment and pull it […]

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SAT Math Formula Sheet

Many students are blown away by the fact that every SAT Math Section has a geometry cheat sheet at the very beginning (hopefully, they pick up on this before they take the actual test). Today, I’m going to do better than just rehash those formulas. I’m going to tell you which ones you should memorize […]

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How to Answer SAT Math Questions

No, I’m not about to give you the answer to every SAT math problem. Sorry. But I am going to tell you how to improve SAT math by being a test-taking machine—that is, being methodical. Now is the time to stop asking “How hard is SAT math?” and focus on overcoming your math challenges.   […]

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