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College Apps Are Done… So Now What?

The holidays are finally coming up! Which means, for better or worse, so are the last of the college application deadlines. Given the unprecedented amount of energy that you’ve surely been putting into the process – you are probably not too keen on thinking about the new work that lies ahead.

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Are College Visits Worthwhile?

It’s popular, especially junior year of high school, to go and visit colleges that you may apply to your senior year. While touring campus’s seem like a fun way to learn about a school, is it really worth the time? Here are some pros and cons to consider!

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What are Liberal Arts Colleges?

Well what if I told you that there is a whole breed of colleges that are neither a part of the Ivy League nor are a giant state school whose sports teams feed into the NFL, MLB, etc.? This mysterious breed of colleges is referred to as liberal arts colleges!

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