Are College Visits Worthwhile?

It’s popular, especially junior year of high school, to go and visit colleges that you may apply to your senior year. While touring campuses seems like a fun way to learn about a school, is it really worth the time? Here are some pros and cons to consider!


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Pros of College Tours:

  • Get an in-person feel of the school
  • Meet the community
  • Have any questions answered


Cons of College Visits:

  • Most information presented on tours is available on the internet
  • Paying travel expenses to visit the school


My Experience:

I toured every school I applied to and I can honestly say I didn’t need to. Before touring any campus, I did extensive research on the school I was applying to so I would be sure I actually wanted to take the time to go on the campus tour. The problem with this was once I began the tour, I felt as though I was being spoon-fed the same information that was available on the internet. While the tours were nice in order to see the actual feel and culture of a campus, I didn’t take away much from them.



The internet offers any information you will ever need for the schools you are interested in. Along with information on academics, campus life, and other relevant information, you can also find reviews and news on the school. Visiting colleges is worth it if you want a physical feel for the campus or have questions for the school. If you are simply looking for information, I suggest doing research before hand and make sure you have a serious interest in the school. This ensures that you don’t waste your time or money!



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