Georgia Tech SAT and ACT Scores: What You Need to Get In

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So You Want to Go to Georgia Tech…

There can be all kinds of reasons behind someone’s choice of dream school.

When I was sixteen, I thought my life would be over unless I got into Reed College – even though my desire to go there was mostly based on a pleasant memory of a family road trip through Oregon and a vague idea that going to a school with “fancy architecture” would reflect positively on me.

There are a lot of great things about Reed, but I wasn’t aware of what they actually were when I was applying.

I don’t know exactly why you’re interested in Georgia Tech, but I can think of a few very good reasons you might want to go there (besides the fancy architecture):

  • Georgia Tech is one of the highest (in some majors, the #1) ranked engineering school in the country.
  • Georgia Tech is also one of the top ten public universities in the United States. This means the cost of attending Georgia Tech is relatively low compared most other (private) schools of its caliber.
  • Georgia Tech puts a strong emphasis on student job placement, both during and after college. In 2017 GT grads had a 75.9% job placement rate with a median salary of $70,000 (52.1% of fresh graduates reporting). That’s pretty good!
  • Georgia Tech is in Atlanta, and Atlanta is cool! Just look at this bustling metropolis:

georgia tech sat scores georgia tech act scores -magoosh

Now you just have to get in. Unsurprisingly, your test scores are going to be big part of that picture (though not the only part!) and we’re here to help.

Keep reading for a whole lot of information about Georgia Tech SAT Scores (…or Georgia Tech ACT Scores, if that’s more your cup of tea). Once you know what to aim for, we’ll talk about how to get your scores where they need to be.

The Magic Formula for Getting Accepted!

There is no magic formula for getting into Georgia Tech. Sorry. 🙁

When I took the SAT’s in high school, I scored way, way above the average SAT score for incoming freshman at Reed – and I still didn’t get in. There’s a lot that goes into admissions, and test scores only account for about a third (or less) of the decision whether to admit or deny a student.

The newest class of students admitted into Georgia Tech represents a tiny-but-diverse portion of the group that applied. Of the 31,484 students who applied last fall, 7,297 were admitted. This means Georgia Tech’s current admissions rate is about 23%. Given that Georgia Tech’s 2016 admission rate was 28% it’s obvious that admissions at GT are becoming even more competitive.

Getting into Georgia Tech isn’t easy, and it won’t be getting any easier – but that doesn’t have to discourage you.

georgia tech sat scores georgia tech act scores -magoosh

What the Admissions Committee is looking for…

When reviewing your application, the Georgia Tech admissions committee will be looking for the whole package.

The truth is that you will almost certainly need a good GPA, be near the top of your high school class, and have good test scores. However, like many schools, Georgia Tech also values a student body of diverse, innovative thinkers, and they will accept a ‘good fit’ applicant over one with higher academic achievement.

When completing your application, GT encourages you to demonstrate more than just your intellectual drive. You should also be able to provide examples of your personal responsibility and compassion for others. This could be displayed through your work history, community involvement, family responsibilities, and other informal good deeds. You’re much more than a test score, so make sure the adcom knows that.

“If you’re applying to Georgia Tech, chances are that you are considering a major and a career in some STEM field. As such, you need to be involved in activities related to these subjects. If your high school has classes in engineering, take a few. If your school has a robotics club, join up. Better yet, work with a physics teacher to start one up if one isn’t available. If you can, learn how to program and reach out for a summer internship. Putting activities like these on your application tells universities like Georgia Tech that you are passionate and committed to pursuing STEM careers. Make sure that your application and the essay reflect your ambitions and achievements, and you are well on your way to becoming a Tech student.” — Haley B., Transizion

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However, there is one big statistic to be aware of, and that’s the in-state versus out-of-state admissions rate. This year Georgia Tech admitted 45% of in-state applicants, but only 18% of out-of-state applicants…so really the biggest (and least helpful) piece of advice I can give you is be from Georgia.

But we can’t all be from Georgia…so let’s take a look at some scores.

georgia tech sat scores georgia tech act scores -magoosh

What Kind of Scores Do You Need to Get In to Georgia Tech?

Don’t worry too much about your test scores – as I just said, Georgia Tech isn’t looking at you as a faceless score on an online application. In fact, GT’s class of 2021 is a fairly diverse group.

There is no absolute minimum SAT or ACT score that you need to get into Georgia Tech. However it’s safe to say that your entire application has to make an impression, and a strong test score will definitely bolster your odds.

Georgia Tech Admissions By the Numbers: Georgia Tech SAT Scores

For students who submitted SAT scores and were admitted to Georgia Tech in 2017, the 25th percentile score was 1360; the 75th percentile score was 1490.

What does that mean? Well, it means the top 25% of students admitted to Georgia Tech this year earned a combined SAT score of over 1490 (which most likely means scoring over 700 on both parts of the SAT). The middle 50% earned between 1360 and 1490. And the bottom 25% earned below 1360. Therefore, 75% of Georgia Tech’s most recently admitted class scored above a 1360 on the SAT.

It’s generally a good practice to aim for an SAT score around the 75th percentile of whatever the school your looking at has recently admitted. So in this case your goal score would be a 1490.

Having a concrete goal will help you focus your studying, and hitting the 75th percentile of Georgia Tech SAT scores will give you a really nice cushion as you go into the admissions process.

While Georgia Tech may be your dream school, chances are you have other schools on your list too. Maybe Georgia Tech isn’t even your dream school and you just came here to see my great GIFs. Either way, you’ll probably be applying to more than one school, and for that reason we’ve put together a post covering the SAT score range for each of the top 100 colleges and universities in America. More than one goal score never hurt anyone!

Georgia Tech Admissions By the Numbers: Georgia Tech ACT Scores

For students who submitted ACT scores and were admitted to Georgia Tech in 2017, the 25th percentile score was 30; the 75th percentile score was 34.

Same drill here. Shooting for the 75th percentile of Georgia Tech ACT scores while make your own score competitive, so try to aim for a 34 – and definitely make a point to score higher than 29.

Keep in mind that Georgia Tech also takes ACT superscores into consideration, so you may want to consider taking the test multiple times!

A Note on Re-Taking the Exam

It’s also important to note here that you can take both the SAT and the ACT more than once. People who work in admissions understand that students get nervous, and that their first test score is not always indicative of their ability.

Georgia Tech super scores, which means they will make their decisions based on the highest scores you get – even if that means taking the Math score from one SAT attempt and your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score from another (same goes for the ACT). So even if there’s just one section you could see yourself improving in, it may be worth taking the test again.

The Takeaway

A well-rounded application is extremely important – scores aren’t everything. However, test prep should be your friend! There are a lot of parts of the admissions process that you won’t be able to control, but your SAT or ACT scores are something that you can have a real say in.

If going to Georgia Tech is your dream, then you need to start planning early.

  • Figure out whether the SAT or ACT is best for you.
  • Take the PSAT or PreACT your sophomore year.
  • Create a study schedule that fits into your busy life. I would strongly recommend finding a test prep program that works for you (consider checking out the Free 1-Week SAT Trial or the Free 1-Week ACT Trial from Magoosh).
  • Think about taking the test twice if you need to.

georgia tech sat scores georgia tech act scores -magoosh

Prepare yourself to the best of your ability – if you’ve done your best, there’s nothing to regret.

Hopefully, Georgia Tech will admit you with open arms (and some financial aid!) But, if not, there are many of other amazing universities out there that would love to add you to their community. That’s what happened to me. 😉

But for now, it’s time to get studying!

Improve your SAT or ACT score, guaranteed. Start your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh SAT Prep or your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh ACT Prep today!

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