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    Myka will be attending Occidental College (located in Los Angeles) in the fall and is very excited! She is looking forward to reflecting on her high school experience to help others do their best on the SAT/ACT and in college admissions. She loves cats, food, and friends.

Overlooked Dorm Essentials

Once you are into college, get ready for dorm living! Living in a dorm is like nothing else. It is a place where you start to learn how to live by yourself but at the same time you will be surrounded by your peers 24/7. To help you survive and thrive in this new environment, […]

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Tips for the Day of the SAT

Thinking about sitting in a classroom for three and a half hours sounds awful and taking an important exam is stressful. However, the day of the SAT doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. In this post, I will share some tips and reduce your worries to make the test environment better for […]

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Book Recommendation for SAT Vocab

Studying vocab isn’t really fun. Studying for SAT vocab is especially boring. Trust me, I hardly found any dry vocab book enticing. However, if you want to score well on the SAT reading sections you will want to challenge yourself to learn some fancier vocabulary. Given this reality, I have found the perfect set of […]

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