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New SAT Math: Similar and Congruent Triangles

Because triangles have so many interesting properties that build upon each other, you can count on seeing them on the new SAT. Although the problems that you will encounter won’t necessarily be difficult, the key lies in being able to figure out which property or concept to use in order to get to the answer. […]

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ACT Math: How to Solve Probability Problems

Chances are good that you’ve thought about probability before when playing games of chance. The higher the chances of coming out on top, the more likely you would be willing to play. For simple games, such as calling heads or tails on a coin flip, it’s easy to figure out what the chances are of […]

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ACT Math: How to Solve Problems With Exponents

Of the basic order of operations, exponents can be tricky to handle, especially when ACT test-makers deliberately try to confuse you. It is very important to get the hang of these because it lays the foundation for more advanced topics, such as logarithms and roots. The basics of exponents There are two parts to an […]

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