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    Elise writes articles for the Magoosh SAT blog to help teenagers during an exciting time in their lives. Despite residing in Southern California, where she attends San Dieguito Academy high school, she has no surfing abilities whatsoever; it’s actually rather sad. She is your typical senior high school girl who sword fights daily, and is pretty much convinced that bananas are a food sent from heaven. Elise will attend Columbia University next fall to study environmental science.

College v. High School: Class Environment

It occurred to me (as I was fighting sleep in Gen Chem on Monday morning…) how utterly ignorant I was beforehand about the differences between college and high school class environments. (About the differences between college and high school everything, for that matter). Consequently, this marks the first piece within a developing series that will […]

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FAQs About SAT Subject Tests

SAT subject tests are multiple-choice tests administered by the College Board that focus around specific academic subjects. As of now, there are 20 different tests spanning across the general areas of history, math, English, science, and foreign languages. Scored out of 800, these tests are often required by colleges to serve as supplemental material to […]

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