5 Best APUSH Outlines to Prep for Your Test

5 Best APUSH Outlines to Prep for Your Test

The best APUSH outlines are incredibly useful study tools. As you prep for your test, use outlines as a study guide to focus your review or streamline your study time. Consider making a quick content checklist from each outline to ensure you are reviewing everything you need to know about APUSH.

1. My Outlines

One of the most extensive collection of APUSH outlines can be found at MyOutlines.com. All outlines are based on the AP US History textbook: American History Connecting with the Past. Click on any chapter outline to immediately download a Word document. If you don’t have Word, many other applications will open these files, such as Pages or Office365.
In addition to regular chapter outlines, MyOutlines provides APUSH outlines for certain historical content such as Democrats vs. Whigs or Major New Deal Legislation. If you are interested in even more information, scroll to the bottom of the page for exam review topics. The 17-19th century timeline is an extremely helpful resource!

2. Glencoe Online Learning Center

Brought to you by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, this site creates an easy-to-use student center review for every chapter of the APUSH textbook. Choose a chapter, then view main themes from that section. Instead of focusing on a standard outline, Glencoe OLC provides student chapter goals instead. You should be able to complete the goal list after a thorough review of a chapter. There are also 10 additional activities to help you get the most from your study time, such as quizzes, study questions and interactive maps.
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3. AP US History Notes

Another great resource for APUSH outlines, AP US History notes provides chapter outlines from American Pageant (13th edition). The site features full chapter outlines, plus major topic outlines, vocabulary quizzes and practice tests. If you are interested in even more review, AP US History notes offers selections for long essay practice.

4. WikiNotes American History

Your teacher always tells you: wikis are not reliable sources. Very true if you are completing academic research or need 100% verified information. However, WikiNotes American History is perfect to use to review APUSH outlines and topics. They have an extensive collection outlining each chapter. WikiNotes APUSH outlines cover 5 different US History textbooks, so you are sure to find outlines for whatever book you are currently using in your APUSH class.

5. Wadsworth Cengage Learning Online Study Center

Wadsworth’s uses The American’ Pageant, 13th edition for their online APUSH outlines. This site utilizes a drop-down box feature which allows you to navigate the site by chapter. After selecting a specific chapter, choose from one of the 6 options to review historical themes and information. Chapter themes and summaries are found under “Prepare for Class”, but there are also valuable study tools listed under “Improve your Grade” and “Ace the Test”. Check them all out for a complete study experience!
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