5 AP US History Study Tips to Get You Started

P US History Study Tips

There is a great deal of material to comprehend and memorize for the AP US History exam. Use our 5 AP US History study tips to get you started in making a successful review plan that works for you. Remember: a great study plan should be specific to your individual needs. For best results, tailor a plan to fit your educational learning style.

Study Tip #1: Organize your study materials

Get started by finding an organizational system that works well for you. This could be a notebook, binder or file folder. Just make sure it is 100% dedicated to use for AP US History. Keep a study plan calendar, notes, exam tips and practice test scores inside your binder. Make a point to record everything related to your AP US History study plan, then refer back to your notes to track and monitor your study progress.

Study Tip #2: Take a practice test

The best way to figure out your AP US History strengths and weaknesses is to take a practice test! Use your test results to help eliminate topics you already know well and focus on subject matter you might need to study more. Our favorite practice tests include full answer keys and explanations of incorrect answers.
Taking a practice test also helps familiarize you with content that will be on the actual AP US History exam. With content from over 9 time periods and 7 main US History themes, the AP US History exam covers a lot of material. Visit AP College Board for a complete look at AP US History exam content and description.

Study Tip #3: Find quality study materials

Free AP US History study materials can be found through a simple internet search. Enter “free APUSH study guides” into a search for hundreds of options. Other valuable resources can be found in the AP section of CollegeBoard. They offer study tips for both reading and writing, as well as tips for exam practice.
Don’t forget a potentially significant resource: your AP US History teacher! Your school may have review books and other materials that you can borrow as you prep for APUSH. If all else fails, visit TeachersPayTeachers for a sneak peek into APUSH study materials used by other teachers! A free search can turn up interesting reviews, exam practice or activities. Bonus: products from TPT always come with answer keys!

Study Tip #4: Figure out a “workable” study schedule – and stick to it!

Take a minute to think through a study schedule that works with you already busy school schedule. Try and write down which time period of theme you will study each day and for how long. Keep in mind that the most effective studying is done 2-3 days a week for around 30 minutes each day. The benefit of being currently enrolled in an AP US History class is that the material is fresh in your mind. You don’t need to learn new material, you just need to review it on a consistent basis.

Study Tip #5: Study in different ways

The more tedious something is, the less likely we are to do it. Keep your study habits fresh and interesting by varying how you study. Try going through flashcards with a partner or play APUSH review games online. Just remember to keep it engaging and fun!
These study tips will help you get started, but if you need more information on AP US History, visit our Magoosh blogs!

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