Vocabulary Game: Unscramble These Words!

Today is Friday, so it’s time for a little vocabulary game.

Below are five scrambled words or phrases. Your job is to try and unscramble them to form a GRE vocabulary word. For those Scrabble players out there, let’s see who can get all five in less than 10 minutes!

  1. The Garlic
  2. Conical
  3. Quail Cove
  4. Coteries
  5. Apricots (minus the tea)

(Scroll Down to See Answers)

Okay, that last one was hard—I was being cryptic. But let’s start with the first word.

  1. Eating garlic probably won’t make you lethargic, though you may repel a would-be interlocutor. To be lethargic is to lack energy and feel sluggish.
  2. When it comes to conical sections, many of us are laconic—that is, we don’t have much to say.
  3. I could tell you where the quail cove is but I don’t quite remember, so my account would be equivocal. Remember, equivocal means vague, sometimes intentionally so.
  4. A coterie is your posse or entourage. If you have a few coteries, all of which are fond of arcane matters, then you have esoteric coteries.
  5. Not that I’ve ever taken my tea with apricots, but, in this case, we want to make sure to omit the letter –t, from apricots. That gives us apricos (surely not as tasty), which, when unscrambled, gives us prosaic. Ironically, this clue was anything but prosaic—dull, lacking imagination.


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