GMAT Score for Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is a highly regarded business school, which shouldn’t be surprising. Though the average GMAT score for Columbia is high—meaning admissions are highly competitive—the advantages of the school are many. The university is not only Ivy League, but it’s also located in the world’s financial capital, New York City. There is truly no better location on Earth to study for an MBA and begin a career in business other than New York. But the advantages of the Columbia Business School don’t start and end with its location: the school’s MBA programs have many more impressive features to offer.

Columbia Business School Overview

Most business schools in the United States focus closely on MBA and MBA-related programs. Columbia offers much more, including a few very important Master of Science options. These include MS programs in Financial Economics, Marketing Science, Accounting and Fundamental Analysis, and Management Science and Engineering. For the student looking for a graduate level program that offers something more specific than an MBA, Columbia is among the best options. This wide breadth of options helps the school maintain a successful alumni network. In the past, the school’s MBA program was closely tied to Wall Street’s fortunes and misfortunes. But more diverse program offerings allow students to pursue alternative careers that aren’t quite as Wall Street-focused.

Columbia’s standard MBA program, though, is an attractive option in its own right. For starters, the program’s students are highly competitive. For some students, this is an attractive feature, as it keeps them on their toes. For others, though, it may create too stressful of an environment.

Another advantage of the Columbia MBA is that it allows its student to focus on one specific topic in depth. The school offers career-focused paths of concentration that will allow a student to not just gain knowledge of a particular subject, but to gain outright expertise in that area. That can be a major advantage on the job market.

GMAT Score for Columbia Business School

Luckily, Columbia Business School is very forthcoming with data about its entering class. The school’s website provides an entire page about the incoming MBA class’ statistics, and you can see the 2017 version here.

For the class that entered for an MBA program in 2017, the average GMAT score for Columbia Business School was 724. The middle 80% range of GMAT scores for Columbia was 690-760. In total, the lowest score was 530, the highest 790. (Here’s how Columbia’s GMAT scores stack up to other schools.)

Columbia’s website provides a treasure trove of information about its incoming MBA class, which lets us easily calculate its acceptance rate. For the incoming class in 2017, Columbia received 6,188 applications, and it admitted 1,019. That’s an acceptance rate of 1,019/6,188 = 16%! It goes without saying that the competition to gain admission to Columbia is intense, and getting in won’t be easy.

Ranking and Prestige

According to US News & World Report, Columbia Business School is the ninth best business school in the United States. Forbes, however, calls CBS a top-10 business school, clocking in at #6. No matter what the rankings say, there’s no doubt that Columbia is a great bet for business. It’s an Ivy League, world-class university, and it’s located in the world’s financial center in New York City. It’s hard to get any closer to Wall Street than Columbia, which is a short subway ride away!

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Columbia University is recognized around the world. If you have the necessary GMAT score for Columbia, then there’s no question that this business school would be a great option for you. Even if you don’t have your post-business school hopes set on NYC, you can still enjoy spending two years studying in the Big Apple. Columbia Business School has shed its reputation as a “Wall Street”-centric program: it’s now well-known for the diversity of its programs. Many students will find their niche at Columbia in a way they cannot find anywhere else.

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