What the GED Score Change Means for You

Recent changes to the GED may mean great news for test takers; not only is the test a more accurate representation of academic skill, but the way in which the GED is scored could retroactively boost scores from a failing grade to a passing one.

GED Score Changes

In 2014, the GED Testing Service changed the passing score of the GED. The GED score was adjusted to ensure that students earning a GED diploma are the true academic equivalents of students earning a high school diploma. After extensive research and analysis, GED officials recommended lowering the GED score from 150 to 145 in order to better represent the range of abilities of current GED graduates.

Many states have undergone the formal approval process, but a few remain slow to adopt the new GED score changes. Not to worry! According to the GED Testing Service, your GED scores and transcripts will reflect current pass/fail standards as your state officially completes the adoption process. Visit your state’s GED testing page for the most recent information.

What GED Score Changes Mean for You

The passing score of each GED subject test dropped from 150 to 145. If you scored between a 145-149 on the GED in the past, congratulations! According to the new GED score changes, you now passed that test! If you log into your online GED account, your status should be automatically updated.

If you haven’t taken your test yet, the new GED score change means you are more likely than ever to earn your diploma! Great online resources are available to assist you with every step of your educational journey. Magoosh blogs provide a wealth of information on GED prep, GED testing and GED readiness. You can also visit the GED Testing Service to find study guides, take free practice tests and track your results.

Understanding the GED Score Changes

GED scores are now divided into three sections: GED Passing Score, GED College Ready, and GED College Ready + Credit. Each of these levels indicates a different range of abilities and college readiness.

  • GED Passing Score: 145-164

    You passed the GED! Your score shows that you have attained a High School Equivalency level and have the same educational skill set as a graduating high school senior.

  • GED College Ready: 165-174

    You successfully passed the GED and your score level indicates that you have the skills to start college-level courses. According to GED officials, your scores may relieve you from taking certain placement tests or remedial courses in college.

  • GED College Ready + Credit: 175-200

    In some cases, this score indicates that you are eligible to earn college credits, and have demonstrated skills that are taught in some college-level courses. Depending on the college or program you enroll in, you could qualify for up to 10 college credits!

The changes to GED scores better serve adult learners. The test remains challenging and rigorous, helping to prepare students for a new career or furthering education. Interested in learning some fun ways to prepare for the GED test? Refer to our Fun Ways to Prep for the GED post!