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David Recine

What is “My GED”?

If you’re looking into taking the GED, you may have heard of a service called “My GED.” But what is My GED? And do you need it?

In answer to the first question, My GED is an online service from the official makes of the GED Test. And to answer your second question, yes you do need My GED. You can’t actually schedule a GED test without it!

But My GED is far more than just a test booking tool. Register for the My GED Portal, and you’ll find that if offers many different really valuable kinds of help. Here’s a rundown of what you can do on My GED

Take a Full, Official GED Practice Test

Through its GED Ready feature, My GED lets you take a complete, official GED practice test. The questions are created by the same people who make the real exam. And the test comes with diagnostic tools. These tools give you estimated GED scores and let you know if you’re ready to pass the real GED.

The GED Ready practice test can cost you some money. If you haven’t been given a voucher for the test by your school or local adult education center, you’ll need to pay $6 per each of the four sections of the GED, or $24 for the whole exam.

Actually, though, it’s very common for local organizations (community colleges, adult education programs, job centers, etc…) to give out voucher codes that you can use to get free testing from My GED. Cool, huh? As for how you can get those vouchers, this brings us to….

How to Use My GED to find Teachers, Test Centers, and Possibly Practice Test Vouchers

But how can you find these kinds of generous GED voucher programs in your area? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical Magoosh GED reader! Because you see, My GED can also help you find local places that provide GED classes and tutoring. Local GED prep is usually free and usually comes with vouchers for the practice test on My GED. To find your nearest GED test prep center, use My GED’s “find a teacher” tool. This will bring up a list of GED test centers near you, with a map to show you exactly where each center is.

Other Prep Resources Through My GED

You can purchase a number of other test prep materials for the GED by going to the online GED Marketplace. But to be able to actually make payments and get your GED goods delivered, you need a My GED login.

Once you’ve taken all the prep you need — using practice tests, getting help from GED testing centers, and possibly using additional materials from GED marketplace — you’ll be ready to actually schedule a GED. Here, My GED can come in handy once again, because last but not least, you can use My GED to…

Find Your GED Test Location and Book an Exam

My GED also allows you to choose your test center and register for the exam. Regulations for GED registry vary from state to state and My GED has you covered there too. If there is any state office or local school you need to contact before you can register for the GED, My GED will tell you where to go. Once you’re cleared to register for the test, you can then book your exam through the My GED Portal.

My GED Screenshots

To give you an idea of how this platform works, here are a few screenshots from my own My GED account. The top screenshot shows the main My GED page that you see right after you register for the site. Note the two options at the bottom of the screen: Take GED Practice Test, and Start Studying. The middle screenshot shows the three study resources you find when you click “start studying.”

Note that this top screenshot includes an “alert” saying that I can’t register for the GED yet. Most My GED users will get an alert like that. The third, bottom screenshot below shows what happened after I clicked my alert. It’s a guidance screen for getting permission to take the GED in Wisconsin, my home state. You will likely get similar help from My GED, based on the regulations in your own state.

My GED Screenshot 1:

what is my GED


My GED Screenshot 2:

what is My GED

My GED Screenshot 3:

what is my GED

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