Free GED Practice Test 2017

Free GED Practice Test 2017

One of the best ways to prepare for the GED exam is to take a practice test. This can help you know what to expect on the test, including:

  • What content is covered
  • How questions are formatted
  • What it’s like to answer questions while timed
  • Which areas you know and which you need to study

The more prepared you are going in, the less likely you’ll be to fail and need to retake the exam. Put in the work up front into preparation and it will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. You should plan to take at least 2 practice tests if you can: one at the beginning of your studies as a sort of pre-test to see where you are and where you need to focus your efforts, and another one shortly before you plan to take the real exam to see if you’re ready.

There’s no need to shell out a lot of money for a GED practice test. There are many options available for those looking to save a few bucks. Here are some ways to take a free GED practice test.

GED Ready Official Practice Test

This first one is the best GED practice test out there. It’s also not technically free, but it ends up being free for a lot of people. Here’s how:

You can buy the GED Ready Official Practice Test on the GED Marketplace. Its sticker price is $24 for all four subject tests, or $6 per subject test if you buy them separately.

BUT many students can get a voucher for a free practice test. You can get a voucher if you are enrolled in a GED prep course or are receiving tutoring from an authorized learning center. Educators are able to get vouchers to give out to their students. If you’re in one of these programs, ask your teacher about a practice test voucher. Some classes will have students complete the GED practice test in class, while others will just give you the code for you to complete the test on your own.

Some adult education centers also hold a GED practice test day where they offer the GED Ready practice test to anyone who comes in, even if they’re not enrolled in a class. Others will give out vouchers for you to take the test on your own just for coming in for a consultation. Check with your local adult education center to find out what they offer.

If you want to enroll in a class or find an adult education center near you, log in at MyGED. Click on “Study,” and then “GED Test Prep Centers” where you can search by location.

You can also sometimes get a free or discounted GED Ready Official Practice Test right from the GED Testing Service. They run promotions from time to time. Sometimes it will be a temporary discount on the practice test. Other times, they will offer a free GED practice test when you sign up for the real exam. Check out their promos page to see if there are any current offers.

Why the GED Ready?

Here’s why the GED Ready is the best GED practice test:

  • It’s official from the test maker, so you know it’s just like the real thing.
  • It offers detailed feedback about how you did.
  • It gives you a personalized study plan based on your areas of strength and weakness.
  • It lets you know if you are “GED ready”— whether or not you are likely to pass based on your practice test performance.

Free Practice Test from GED Testing Service

This is another official option direct from the test maker, and this one is totally free, no strings attached. On their Free Practice Test page, the GED Testing Service offers abbreviated practice tests in each of the four content areas— Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science. These are available in English or Spanish, and as both an in-browser version or as a download for PC or Mac. This one does not provide thorough feedback like the GED Ready, but it is still a great source of official practice questions in a computerized test that mimics the real thing.

Practice Tests from Other Publishers

There are lots of test prep companies out there that publish test prep books for the GED. Most of these books contain one or more full-length GED practice tests, in addition to lots of practice questions throughout the review. A few even put out separate books that are entirely made up of practice tests. You can purchase these books, of course, but you can also get many of them for free at your local library. Most libraries have GED prep books and other resources. If your library doesn’t have one, chances are they can order one for you through inter-library loan. Just ask your librarian or check their website!

Of course, not all test prep books are created equally. Luckily, the GED Testing Service has made a list of publishers that they have certified as GED-aligned.

You will also want to check publication dates to make sure that any GED resources you get were published in 2014 or later, to make sure they are up-to-date for the latest version of the GED.

You can also find lots of free practice questions right here on our Magoosh GED blog. Check back often as more and more resources are added.