Can You Take the GED Test Online?

Can You Take the GED Test Online?
These days, just about everything is done on the internet. You can take a class, become an ordained minister, or order a pizza, all without leaving your couch. You might be wondering, then, if you can take the GED test from the comfort of your home. So…

Can you take the GED test online?


This one’s going to take a little more effort than ordering pizza.

The only way to take the GED exam is to show up in person to an official GED testing center. Once you’re there, your test will be administered on a computer, but you can’t take it at home.

Need to find an official GED testing center to take your exam? Check out our guide.

“But I saw a site offering an online GED test…”

There are some sites on the internet that claim to offer a GED test online. These are NEVER legitimate. Any “GED” test that is online is a fraud and the “accredited degrees” these sites offer are worthless. These tests cannot be used to grant you an official GED credential that can act as a recognized high school equivalency diploma. These are scams out for your money.

Remember: if you’re not in an official GED testing center, it’s NOT the real thing.

If you’ve come across one of these sites, you can report the fraud to the GED Testing Service. They work to try to have fraudulent sites shut down in order to protect students looking to take the real GED.

If you’ve already fallen victim to one of these scams, you can file an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau or to your state’s attorney general’s office.

Preparing for the GED Online

So you can’t TAKE the actual exam online, but that doesn’t mean the internet won’t help you get your GED. Up until test day, there are lots of great tools online to help you register and prepare for the GED.

First, you’ll want to check out MyGED, the official online portal of the GED Testing Service. From here, you can get detailed information about the test, get study materials, take a practice test, register to take the exam, and see your score reports afterwards. Check out our guide to MyGED, and then sign up.

There are also lots of other great resources online to help you study. From flashcards to video lessons to practice tests, you can find lots of ways to study online. We’ve compiled 5 Ways to Study for the GED Online to make it easy for you to get started.