How can I get my GED transcripts?

ged transcripts

GED transcripts provide a substantial verification of your academic history on anything from college applications to job training or even work promotions. Career counselors and future employers often require such information to move forward in an application or interview process, so it is in your best interest to keep educational records on hand.

GED transcripts: official or not?

There are two kinds of transcripts: the online version and the hard-copy official version. Within a few hours of completing your test, most test takers receive initial scores via email. Although these scores are not official transcripts, they do provide confirmation that you have successfully passed the GED. Colleges, trade schools and employment applications may ask for your initial scores upon application, but then require official documents during the interview process.

A few years ago, I worked as an educator in a public school district. During the initial interview, my employers were satisfied with viewing my test scores via PDF. When it came time to be legitimately hired though, I had to provide official transcripts (in the original sealed envelope!) in order to complete the hiring process. If you are planning to pursue secondary education or refer to the GED on a job application, you need to request official transcripts and diplomas in hard-copy printed format. (And possibly keep the envelope sealed.)

Requesting a GED transcript

Each state has its own jurisdiction and verification for ordering transcripts. Most states only send official documents through snail mail, so make sure you allow for time when making your request. Refer to the GED Testing Service to find specific directions for your individual state. Follow the requirements to request a copy of your transcripts or diploma. The official GED certificate is issued through the state in which you took the test; if you test in Michigan but then move to Florida, you have to request transcripts from the Michigan office.

GED transcript cost

Initial scores and official transcripts are free to those who pass the GED test. Repeat requests are sometimes charged a small convenience fee for an official transcript copy, but that varies by state. It is a good idea to order more than one official copy of your transcripts; one for your personal records, and one to send out when a potential employer or college application requests verification.

GED transcript tips

As a GED graduate, you can easily forward an electronic transcript directly to schools or employers at their request. But don’t forget to keep multiple copies of official transcripts on hand for when employers or colleges are ready to accept you!