5 Excel Skills You Definitely Need for Your Job

5 Excel Skills You Definitely Need for Your Job -magoosh

Excel is a tool which is required for every job now a days. Since it is easier to learn Excel than other data storing and analysis tools, thus, it is most prevalent in the market. A basic to advanced level knowledge will always give you an edge in the job interview. The following skills are some that you definitely need to know for your job.

Formatting and Cleaning

The first step of any data analysis it to clean and format it properly. Data collection could be of any form. It can be manual, semi-automated, or automated. In case of automated data collection, you will get the data in some specific format, but this is not the case with the manual and semi-manual. You need to check whether the data is consistent (having the same format in the same column) or not, whether any cell is empty or not, or if there is an empty cell left which may create further problems.

Sorting and Filtering

Once you get the data, you need to select the relevant data according to your need. Here sorting and filtering will play a big role. You can create a filter by clicking Excel → Home → Sort & Filter button or you can use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift +”L”. Once you sort/filter the data based on your need, you can easily work on sorted/filtered data.


You should have a basic understanding (syntax, input) of formula, which are frequently used in companies and organizations. Formulas such as “=average”(), “=sum()” , and “=if()” are frequently used.

Data Validation

Sometimes you need to restrict a user to certain input. For example, options for the gender of a person can be Male, Female, and Other. With Data Validation, you can restrict the user to input the data from the given values. You can find data validation option in Excel → Data→ Data Validation.

Logical Formula (IF Statement)

The IF statement is used to test a certain condition. The syntax of IF statement is:
=IF(logic test, value if true, value if false)
For example, if you want to check how many of the students are pass in an exam. If the threshold score if 35, you can put an if formula =IF(score>35,”PASS”,”FAIL”).

In this blog post, you learned about 5 must-know Excel skills. Since Excel is a very popular tool, it finds its use in many places. Stay tuned to Magoosh Excel blogs to learn more!

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