How MATLAB Programming Can Make Your Math Data More Efficient

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MATLAB is a programming language that is developed by MathWorks. It is used extensively by mathematicians, programmers and researchers to perform high-performance computations and manipulations on large datasets. It is an assimilation of technical computation and visualization frameworks through various tools and charts, and programming of high-end mathematical equations which is expressed in mathematical notation. It includes the following:

  1. Computation and Mathematics
  2. Computer programming and programming algorithms
  3. Simulation and modelling of mathematical problems
  4. Data analysis of complex data
  5. Visualization of crunched data
  6. Graphical and scientific representation
  7. Computer application development

Keep reading to learn more about MATLAB and why it’s useful!

More about MATLAB

MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory and it is developed to provide ease in accessing software such as LINPACK and EISPACK (the best software for matrix computation).

MATLAB is a collaborating structure whose input is an array that does not need dimensioning. Due to this, you can easily solve complex mathematical problems where matrix and vector are required. This otherwise would take time in other non-interactive programming languages such as C, Fortran etc.

As the user base grew, MATLAB is also advanced over years. Now it is being used both in Academia and Industry:

  1. For many subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering, Electrical, and science, it has become a must-know tool.
  2. In Industry, it is being used for various high-end research, development of machines and tools and analysis of the data.

MATLAB offers a variety of computer application solutions called as toolboxes. Toolboxes enable you to learn specialized technology. It is an exhaustive collection of all function (M- Files) of MATLAB that enable the computing environment to solve specific problems. Toolboxes are available in many areas such as Control System, Signal Processing, Simulation etc.

Advantages of MATLAB

It has several advantages over other tools and programming languages:

  1. The basic data element of MATLAB is a Matrix. So, an integer is a matrix of 1 * 1 with 1 row and 1 column. Since most of the mathematical models work on arrays and matrices it is easier to build in MATLAB. E.g. Inverse matrix, cross products etc. Since operations are also vectorized, the number of commands are reduced for many operations.
  2. It provides a very rich graphical representation which is optimized for interaction.
  3. Plotting of graphs and charts using data is very easy in MATLAB.
  4. As MATLAB provides many toolboxes, it can be expanded easily by addition of two toolboxes.
  5. It supports a large database of pre-built functions of image processing. It even allows testing a piece of code without recompilation of the algorithm. You will get the immediate result when you execute the code.
  6. MATLAB provides the graphical interaction tool for manipulation and visualization of the data. It simplifies the programming task to a great extent.
  7. MATLAB supports many functionalities that can read a wide range of images. And it can also interface with external libraries such as OpenCV. MATLAB allows processing images as well as videos.
  8. It provides bi-annual updates for various algorithms, functionality, performance issues and bugs.
  9. There are many documentations written to provide ease in usage. Various online and offline seminars are conducted to provide technical support to the user community.

Use Cases of MATLAB

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is one of the impeccable parts of many workplaces. Some of the examples include:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Calculating the return on the shares of the company
  3. Business decisions such as buying a plot or renting it
  4. Financial decisions such as how much to save or buy a credit card


By using simulation, we can simulate and test many high-cost machines and engineering architecture which can lead to

  1. Time and cost savings
  2. Avoiding risks to human life
  3. Test the technology end-to-end
  4. Increase the security
  5. Provide exhaustive training to trainee

The simulation can be done in different ways and the solution and approach may be different in a different simulation.

Since programming and computer are highly dependent on mathematics to perform many tasks, MATLAB’s toolboxes are being used to develop the prototype before actual development of codes in another language such as C, Java, C++ etc. It helps computer scientist and programmers to increase productivity.

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