Most Tested Topics on CPA REG Exam

REG Content Specification Outline

Hey, hey, hey! Let’s get this show on the road 🙂 Are you excited? I sure am! Today we are going to be discussing the most tested topics on CPA REG Exam. Now, I know you may be thinking, “Isn’t REG a bunch of tax and business law?” In short, you are correct. However, it is more nuanced. Tax is a very, very broad area of study with different rules and regulations applying to different parties. The CPA Exam captures these nuances in the AICPA’s Content Specification Outline. Understanding what is tested most often is one of the first steps toward making an effective study plan for REG. Spend some time grasping the summarized Content Specification Outline for REG below. Take it all in. If you are feeling a little jittery or if you want some additional tips or tricks, check out REG Exam Tips.

Content Specification Outline

Effective Date: January 1, 2016

Regulation (REG)



Ethics, Professional, and Legal Responsibilities15% -19%
Business Law17% – 21%
Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting, and Planning11% – 15%
Federal Taxation of Property Transactions12% – 16%
Federal Taxation of Individuals13% – 19%
Federal Taxation of Entities 18% – 24%


Most Tested Topics on CPA REG Exam

The last thing you want to do on REG is to be unprepared for the Black Knight Federal Taxation of Entities. After all, you shall pass 🙂 Federal Taxation of Entities is broad in content and is fairly dense. Specifically, you are responsible for the following groups:

  • Similarities and Distinctions in Tax Treatment Among Business Entities
  • Differences Between Tax and Financial Accounting
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations

That’s a whole lot of material for a whole of lot of entities. Not only do you need to be a financial accounting guru, but also you need to be a federal taxation guru to be successful on this section. Furthermore, you need to remember separate tax rules for all of these entities. If you are having some reservations about taking Corporate Tax at your college or university, let me help you help yourself. Take the class. It will help you out tremendously. Keep in mind, for the multiple choice questions you could not possibly be asked to fill out an entire tax return. However, for the task based simulations, this is not entirely out of question. Study, study, study, and then study some more. For REG, your key to success is knowing the rules with confidence, especially for Federal Taxation of Entities. As always, remember to breathe.

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