CPA REG Exam Time Allocation

Interested in learning about the CPA REG Exam time allocation? Good news. You have come to the right place. Learn about the two-fold strategy to time here.

CPA REG Exam Time Allocation: How Many Hours Should I Study for the REG CPA Exam?

The notion of time allocation for REG is two-fold. First, having an idea of time allocation for studying is important. Second, having an idea of time allocation on test day is essential in order to pass REG. Let’s first discuss how much time you should allot for studying.

According to The CPA Journal, 110 hours of test preparation is what you need to succeed on REG. You heard right, 110 hours! As of now, that’s about the same time as watching every Big Bang Theory episode with commercials.

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Taking the following courses will help you develop a gauge if you need more or less study time: Individual Tax, Corporate Tax, Tax Research, Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II, Business Law I, and Business Law II.

In the end, your goal is to pass REG the first time. To achieve this goal, you need to balance the risk of understudying and the risk of over-studying. Understudying may lead to having to retake REG, whereas over-studying may lead to CPA Exam burnout.

CPA REG Exam Time Allocation: How Long is the Test and Outline

Fast forward to REG test day, and you should be aware of a time allocation strategy for success. As of now, REG is 3 hours long and is comprised of 72 multiple choice questions and 6 task-based simulations. To successfully maneuver through the nuances of REG, consider using the following timeline:

Testlet 1: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Testlet 2: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Testlet 3: 36 minutes

Break: 3 minutes

Task-Based Simulations: 63 minutes

This timeline equates to 1 minute and 30 seconds per multiple choice question and 10.5 minutes per task-based simulation. As needed, adjust the timeline above. The objective is to have a timeline to keep you on track to give each testlet and task-based simulation adequate attention.

For additional information on timing related to the new Uniform CPA Exam, check out REG CPA Exam Duration – How long is the Test and Changes to the REG CPA Exam in 2016. As always, remember to breathe.

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