BEC Exam Tips

Forcing yourself to sit down to study for the BEC exam can be a challenge. For many, BEC is the final section of the CPA exam still looming over your head. It’s the section of the CPA with the least amount of material potentially tested, and also the most mysterious in terms of what it’s actually about. Motivation to study is low, and the ability to force yourself to skip another weekend out with your friend has almost, if not completely, dissipated. Below, I’ve listed the top tips that helped me to pass BEC, and some other advice to get through this exam.

Adopt a studying lifestyle

First things first. We’ve all heard the clichés associated with taking an examinations. As easy as it may be to shrug off the lifestyle suggestions, bestowed upon us usually by the people punishing us with the exam, they really do make a difference. Coming from someone who’s been through the struggle of studying for these exams, small but effective lifestyle changes like adequate sleep, eating healthfully, and staying active truly help in terms of mental acuteness when studying for an exam. The truth was that studying for the CPA exam forced me to prioritize tasks in my life, and focus on a lifestyle conducive to studying for 4-6 hours a day. Granted my social life was nonexistent, but I super energized from my 10 hours of sleep on a Friday night each Saturday morning (still with major FOMO).

Study it all!

When it comes down to tips regarding studying for the actual exam, I found the most obvious tip the most useful. Get through all the material. Some people may dwell over a section while studying that they don’t at first understand, spending a few extra days mastering the topic. To me, time was always of the essence while preparing for an exam. I found many topics that I was at first confused by, or to be candid, didn’t understand at all (i.e – a majority of IT topics covered on BEC), were best left to be returned to later on. Reviewing these topics once, and continuing to work through the rest of the study material allowed me to budget time down the road to come back to these topics and make sure I really understood.

Practice with exam-like questions

Another tip that has always helped me when test taking is do the practice problems. Everyone has different ways of learning. For me, doing actual problems is more effective than reading an explanation in text. For topics that were complex or confusing, doing all of the practice problems related to this topic really helped drive home the concept and allowed me to feel confident regarding potential questions.

Overall, the bolded tips above helped me to pass BEC. As long as you devote the time, follow some variation of the above tips that work for you, and feel confident in your knowledge of the material, I’m sure you’ll be able to knock BEC out of the park!

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