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free books cat preparation

As a b-school student, you probably understand this basic business principle: free is good! But are there free books for CAT preparation? Yes there are!

Another Business Principle to Remember: Let the Buyer Beware

Before we look at some of the free CAT Books out there, I have a word to the wise: let the buyer beware. Whether you’re paying money for a book, or “buying” it for free, no product is guaranteed to be perfect. The free resources I’m about to show you may not be perfect. Always carefully check the quality of CAT prep materials by comparing them to the official full-length mock CAT exam from the IIM. (See our post on free mock CAT tests online for details.)

Free eBooks Through Search Engines: Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

“Let your fingers do the walking” used to be a slogan of American telephone companies, as they invited customers to page through printed business directories and dial the numbers of services they needed. Times have changed, but this slogan is still apt today. Let your fingers walk across the keyboard as you look through search engines. Enter terms like “free CAT ebooks” “CAT pdf downloads,” etc….

A quick Google search shows that MBA Glue and Handa Ka Funda are among the top results for free downloads of CAT ebooks. How good are these resources? Check for yourself, again comparing them to the official mock CAT. Then hit your keyboard once more and search for other free CAT PDFs. There’s certainly an abundance of them.

Free CAT Books with a Subscription to Kindle Unlimited

If you’re reading our blog, you’re probably an aspiring business manager with a keen business sense. So you may notice that these kinds of books aren’t truly free. You’ll need a subscription to Kindle Unlimited through Amazon India. Prices start at around 150 Rs a month.

But if this is a subscription you already have, or one you’d be interested in getting, you’ll be able to download select CAT prep books for free, such as this CAT DILR prep book from Disha Experts. Again, compare all free materials to real material from IIM. You want to make sure your free ebooks will properly prepare you for the test itself.

Libraries: Your New Best Friend

When it comes to CAT books that are a “steal” at no cost, libraries can be your partner in crime. Not real crime, of course. But libraries can still help you get high quality CAT prep books free of charge.

Borrowing instead of paying is a smart business move for any student. Look up CAT books that interest you, and see if they’re at your local library. If they aren’t available for check out locally, ask the reference desk about interlibrary loan. You just might be able to borrow some great CAT books form other libraries, free of charge.

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