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Vocabulary Builder is One of 2018’s Hottest Revision Tools!

vocab builder tutorful -magoosh

Here’s some exciting team news: Our Vocabulary Builder app was recently featured on Tutorful as part of their roundup of 2018’s Hottest Revision Tools. Pretty sweet!

Check out their full list!

vocab builder tutorful -magoosh

If you don’t already know, Vocabulary Builder is the one of Magoosh’s many great apps for Android and iOS. It’s a fun (and super addicting way) to learn difficult new vocab from a list of 1,200 words picked by Chris Lele, our GRE and SAT expert.

There are two ways you can play. You can level up as you master and unlock harder words, or you can challenge another player to see which of you knows the most definitions.

Learn more about the app and then give it a try! We’d love to hear what you think! 🙂

Also, thanks Tutorful! You totally made our day!


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