Kevin Rocci

Student Happiness Report — October 2015

So, you signed up for a website or service and within seconds you’re bombarded with emails—four in a week, three in a day, two in an hour! We all know this scenario, and we all find it frustrating. For a product or brand that is new, this can quickly erode trust and interest.

Here at Magoosh, we aim to cultivate student stoke, not dampen it, so we want all our messages to be useful and meaningful.

I recently spoke with a friend who signed up for both Magoosh GRE and some of our mobile apps. I asked her for feedback and she said that she received too many messages from us. Yikes! I passed on this feedback to the rest of our team, and we sprang into action, and started auditing our messaging to make sure all the messages we send are full of purpose.

Shortly after, we received messages from students that helped to calm our freak out, and we realized there are things we are doing right. We are still auditing all our messaging this next quarter, but it’s reassuring that we have students that benefit from, and are stoked to receive, our messages and emails.


good advice

personal touch


Even though my friend felt overwhelmed with emails, she still used Magoosh to prepare for the GRE and hit her target score. She had plenty of positive feelings for Magoosh and even felt bad giving the feedback. But I was emphatic. Her feedback was helpful and necessary for us to improve. And we are in the process of doing it right now.

I am sure we’ll find messages that we can scrap and ways to control how many messages we send to students when they sign up for multiple Magoosh products. Ideally, this will lead to more student stoke and more successful test scores.