Kevin Rocci

October Happiness Report

Here at Magoosh, we care. We just naturally care about each other and our students.

So, we don’t just measure our success by the number of new sign ups or profits for the month. Instead we often talk about the Wow Moments—opportunities to step out from the rest of the pack, and do something completely unexpected. This is even more true with the support that we provide.

I’d like to share some of these moments with you—moments that made us smile and laugh, and the moments when students felt the Magoosh Wow.

But first, the numbers.

Standard Metrics


Satisfaction remains high. Students rate their satisfaction with our responses after every response we answer. Some respond and some don’t. But considering that we responded to 2,421 tickets in October, this makes use pretty stoked.

first time to reply

We definitely don’t want to keep people waiting so we strive to respond to questions as fast as we can. But we are answering questions about how to boost a score 10 points on the GRE, trying to explain when to use the Fundamental Counting Principle or the Combination formula, or soothing a stressed out student. These responses take time. We can’t use a cookie-cutter response, so we spend time looking at the student’s profile and determining what the best advice is for the student.

But we are still above the industry average. 🙂


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into the stuff that makes us stoked to come to “work” everyday.

Student Satisfaction

Students can leave comments when they rate our support, and these are some of the gems from October.


One of our values is that friendliness is more important than formality. Great to see that we live up to our values. 🙂



As a teacher, I knew that sometimes my job was to listen and empathize. Even though we aren’t face-to-face with our students, we are still able to help students through those bumps during their studies. 🙂


raise salary

We haven’t had any marriage proposals yet, but this is as close as it gets for Rachel. 🙂


we care

Our first goal is our student’s success. That’s it. And when we put that above all else, the students can tell. 🙂


when i am 59

What about when you are 64?

Favorite Messages

Every employee of Magoosh, except for perhaps our engineer, has contact with our students. Whether they answer questions about how to use Magoosh, trouble shoot video errors, or point out the subtleties of English grammar, we all find moments in these interactions that make us smile. Here’s a splattering of some of them. Enjoy! (Note: Student names have been blotted out in purple. If you are having trouble reading the image, you can click on it to make it bigger.)

magoosh we are








listen up