Amrita Kulkarni

Meet a Magoosher: Kevin

And hereeeee’s Kevin!



On a scale of 1-10, how old are you?

I am not sure how to answer this. Does a high number imply that I am old and wise? Does a low number imply that I am vibrant and idealistic? Can I be both? I guess I probably like to think that I am a 8 in terms of age and wisdom, but in reality, I am probably a 3 or 4. And I guess if we actually map this onto age, I am exactly a 3.1.


If you got $10,000 that had to be vacation money what would you do?

Oh! Great question! I really like the idea of renting a car and touring the U.S. There are so many places that I have never been, and I would love to take a month and just explore. But I might wait for that one when I can take more time to travel the states. If I could have a bunch of friends involved and we could coordinate the time off, then I might do something entirely different, like rent a boat and tour the Mediterranean for a month. I’ve never been to Europe and would love to have my first experience be on the water, traveling from Spain to Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece, and end with Turkey and Israel. I guess that’s a little more than just Europe. I am not even sure if I can do all that on a budget of $10,000. Sounds fun, though.


What is your fondest childhood memory?

My fondest memories from childhood were our family trips. Now that I think about it, we did a lot of adventuring. We went on week long white water rafting trips in Utah and Idaho. During three day weekends, we’d drive south from San Diego into Mexico to surf and camp on the beach at Punta Cabras. We road tripped to Yellowstone and Oregon, and we hiked, camped, and frolicked in Sequoia National Park. I was lucky to spend so much time in the outdoors as a kid. From an early age, I learned the joys of time spent in Nature.



I hear you used to teach in Japan. What was the coolest part?!

The coolest part was working with the students and learning from them. I was a part of a middle school for two years and participated in culture days and sport days and school events.  I started a chess club and put on a play of The Three Little Pigs too that was pretty fun.



What is your survival plan for the zombie apocalypse?

I don’t have one because there will never be a zombie apocalypse. I guess that’s not a very fun answer. Let me try a little bit harder. I would find a boat and sail south along the California coast and probably try to settle along Big Sur somewhere. Not a lot of people down there, a fairly rich ecosystem, and it is beautiful.



If you had to be on a desert island with only one book, which one would it be?

I like this question and always struggle with my choice. Should it be practical or entertaining? I think, ultimately, I would need a book that will help me survive. Something that would help me identify poisonous plants, teach me how to build traps and shelter, and show me the basics of first aid. So I’d go with something like Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival. I’d probably lobby for two books if I can.



Go skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing. I’ve snowboarded a couple times so I’d like to try something new.


Jetski or sailing?Sailing.


Poetry or rap?

Is there a difference?


Ninja or wizard?I lived in Japan so I am inclined to say ninja. Although, casting spells would be pretty awesome.


Go kayaking or fishing?

Can I do both? Kayaking with a fishing line. I definitely want to do more kayaking in my life. I love the water and ocean, so it would be another way to enjoy what I love.


Countryside or city?

The city with easy access to the countryside. Or flipped. I’d like to have options, which is why I am set on staying in the Bay Area. We have both.



Instagram or Twitter?



Facebook or Google Plus?

Google Plus, of course.


Would you rather meet an intelligent alien that traveled the universe and arrived on your door step, or travel through time one direction with no return trip guaranteed?

Easy. Meet the alien. That would be radical. I’d want to have a videographer to record the whole experience so that I have some proof of the meeting. I don’t want people thinking I am crazy because I blabber on and on about meeting an alien.


Who would direct the movie of your life?

Probably the Coen Brothers—but not the Coen brothers from No Country for Old Men. More in the vein of Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Something lighthearted, fun, and full of drama and adventure. Sometimes I think that Wes Anderson would be a good choice, but the movie might up being a little too arty.



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  • Amrita Kulkarni

    Amrita is our Director of People Operations and works to recruit Magooshers and keep them happy when they are here. She enriches our community through her efforts on retention and engagement, compensation and benefits, and more. Amrita brings her talents in scaling people-related processes to help facilitate our rapid growth at Magoosh. She attributes part of her management prowess to her alumna, UC Berkeley, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy. When she’s not solving human-oriented problems at Magoosh or sharing her love of education with others, Amrita seizes every opportunity to travel or indulge in her latest read. She also enjoys getting lost on road trips, munching on fish tacos and exploring the natural hidden wonders of America at state parks. An adventurer at heart, Amrita can proudly say she has skydived twice and jumped off of a hotel in Berlin — with a wire attached, of course.