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Meet a Magoosher: Ronke

Ronke-Aderonmu-210x250It’s time to meet another Magoosher and today we’re talking to Ronke Aderonmu, our über friendly and helpful outreach manager who helps us partner up with people all over the world!

Ronke graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Math and Science Education. Outside of work, you can find her eating with friends, eating with family, eating with strangers, or any such activity involving good food.

And here’s her Q&A!


Q: Happy Monday, Ronke! How was your weekend?

A: My weekend was really fun! I went to Great America with some students from my youth group. Usually, I dread amusement parks because I’m deathly afraid of roller coasters and someone always whittles down my resolve until I give in and go on a ride and IMMEDIATELY regret the decision. But this time, I realized that there are a good number of middle schoolers who can relate to my (very reasonable!) fear of being chucked around in the sky. So, I stuck with those students and ended up having blast on a handful of water rides that felt very safe and close to the ground. 🙂


Q: Wow, “chucked around the sky”? When you put it like that, maybe we should all reconsider our love of rollercoasters. It sounds like you had enough trauma for one weekend, so let’s ask you a question related to an activity you do firmly planted on the ground – like reading! If you could be one character from a book, who would it be?

A: Hmm, this is hard, mostly because I don’t read (I need to work on this…). But since Harry Potter has a special place in my heart, it’d probably have to be someone from that book. I think I’ll go with Albus Dumbledore! He had such a way of earning the trust of anyone who was around him, he faithfully stood up for anyone who was marginalized, and he knew everything about just about everything. Even though it’d be pretty scary to have as much responsibility and authority as he did, I think it’s be nice to walk in his shoes for a bit and see what it’s like to be that awesome.


Q: Nice choice. Who wouldn’t want to walk around in Dumbledore’s shoes? (I bet they’re cool wizard slippers with bells and tassels. You’d make music everywhere you walk!) Speaking of musical wizards, what’s your favorite song at the moment?

A: Well, I’ve always been a fan of the band NEEDTOBREATHE. They’re of a genre I like to call “audio chocolate” and they just released a new album called Rivers in the Wasteland. I’ve been playing “Multiplied” off that album on repeat for ages, mostly because I can’t get enough of a metaphors they use in the song: “Your love is like radiant diamonds”. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how love could be like that, but it’s a good song!


Q: Nice! I also don’t understand how love could be like diamonds … sounds cold and hard and sparkly. Actually, the sparkly part sounds awesome. Awesome – just like traveling. What’s your dream vacation?

A: Greece! I mean, when I can find pictures like this on Google, I can only imagine what actually going there and seeing this for myself would be like. Plus, the culture there seems very fun and family oriented, so I’m thinking I would feel right at home. Opa!

Q: Ah, Greece. Why can’t everyone celebrate by drinking Ouzo and smashing plates on the ground? (Next office party?) That might get messy, though, because every day at Magoosh is a party, right? But besides that, what’s your favorite part of working here?

A: I love that I’m given so much trust! Magoosh was my first job right after college, and I never imagined that I’d get to try and own a lot of the projects that I’ve worked on in the past year. I’m really grateful for the many opportunities to learn and grown that I’ve had. Oh, and the people are kinda nice too! 🙂


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