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Meet a Magoosher: Lena B

linkedinEver wonder who works behind the scenes to bring you all those great GMAT Tuesdays and that awesome SAT Math eBook video? Why, that would be our very own Content Manager and multitasker-extraordinaire, Lena Brooks! And today, we have an exclusive Q&A with the woman behind the content.

But first, a little more about Lena: She graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in English Literature and Gender Studies. She is an experienced freelance writer and editor, and has edited and contributed to a number of arts and literature publications. She spends much of her free time covering things in glitter.

Glitter. Nice.

And now the Q & A!

1. So Lena, how was your weekend?

My weekend was really relaxing! I did some yoga, hung out in the Haight, and got some work done planning a few upcoming film projects.


2. What’s your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is making crafts with no discernable utility. For example, here are a bunch of unicorn horns:

photo (8) (1)


3. What’s your favorite site to procrastinate on and why?

My favorite website to procrastinate on is The Dissolve because I don’t feel bad about procrastinating when I’ve just read a really good film essay.


4. Would you rather drive a hot pink car or have hair made of cotton candy?

Hot pink car for sure. I have aspirations to someday be a little old lady with blue hair and a pink car.


5. What’s your favorite part about working at Magoosh?

Hmm, It’s a tie between the awesome people and the emphasis on learning. I love that there’s always opportunity and encouragement at Magoosh to deepen skills or learn totally new ones, and to engage with our work in a curious and data-seeking way. Also, there are really good snacks. Three way tie.




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