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Magoosh Wins Happiest Company Award!

Update: We’re still stoked! Magoosh won the Happiest Company in Education for 2017 as well!

If you’ve read any of our Student Happiness Reports you know that our students are — as Kevin likes to say — really stoked. In other words, they’re just really dang happy with Magoosh and we love that! In fact, sometimes we get so carried away talking about the stoke (happiness) levels of our students that we forget to talk about the stoke in our own office.

But it’s no secret anymore. The word is out! Magoosh is the happiest company in education! 😀

It even says so on this awesome trophy:


TINYpulse is an app that companies all over the world use to collect employee feedback and measure overall happiness in their offices. The folks at TINYpulse analyzed the feedback from more than 500 companies and — woohoo! — we were the happiest!

When they told us we won we were surprised … but not that surprised. We know we’ve got an office full of excited and jovial individuals! Don’t take my word for it, though. See for yourself what makes members of our team so happy about working at Magoosh.

What makes Magoosh such a happy place to work?



The Energy

“Everybody is so jazzed up about what he or she is doing and each of us thrive off this energy. Got a question, got a problem? There’s always a Magoosher (or ten!) ready to jump in and help.”

— Chris Lele, GRE/SAT Expert



Awesome People

“I love my colleagues! Whether we’re out at a wine tasting as a team activity or I’m just grabbing a beer with someone after work, it’s great working with awesome people. I also love our focus on learning and that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we’re moving forward! :)”

— Amrita Kulkarni, Operations Manager



Excited Students

“I love when students get excited about test prep! I also really enjoy experimenting with new and improved ways to help students achieve their goals.”

— Rita Kreig, Inbound Marketer



Clear Mission

“I am stoked to work at Magoosh because our mission is clear! Magoosh helps students. I never have to think about whether we are doing good in this world. It’s unequivocally clear and awesome!”

— Kevin Rocci, Student Help Lead & Resident Stoke Expert




“I know that many times, Bhavin has lead me to discover for myself something that makes me a happier and more productive employee: he models, suggests, opens possibilities, and I walk away a better person.”

— Mike McGarry, GMAT Expert



Hyper-Intensive Bananagrams

“This is the first job I’ve had where I woke up excited to go to work! I didn’t even think that was a real thing. Hyper-intense bananagrams games are the best work breaks ever.”

— Kristin Keating, ACT Expert



Work Ownership

“My favorite thing about working at Magoosh is the degree to which we have ownership over our work. Unlike other places I’ve worked, we make decisions fast and tend to own projects from end to end. It’s really liberating to have that control!”

— Peter Poer, Content Lead



Helpful Team Members

“I know what I’m responsible for, and I know I’m trusted to take care of it. Exactly how, when, and why I work isn’t nitpicked or imposed on me; it’s the passion and the results that matter, and I know I can provide those. But at the same time, I know I’m not alone, and that I can reach out to literally anybody at Magoosh for help if I need it.”

— Lucas Fink, TOEFL/SAT Expert



New Challenges Every Day

“I love working at Magoosh because there’s always something to look forward too. Nothing gets stale and there’s always a new challenge, a new chance to learn, or a new test to tackle!”

— Ronke Aderonmu, Outreach Manager



Meaningful Work

“I really like what I’m working on, I think it’s meaningful, and I like the people that I’m working with. Coming from a place that didn’t have those things, I can really appreciate how difficult it is to build a company with this type of environment.”

— Sharat Akasapu, Product Manager




“Is it wrong of me to say that the unlimited tea and dark chocolate makes me really happy…?”

— Rachel Wisuri, Community Manager



There you have it! We’re just a group of happy people working together in an office and now the world knows. Thank you for the award, TINYpulse! We are so honored and stoked to receive it!

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