Best Healthy Breakfasts to Eat on Test Day

Best Healthy Breakfasts to Eat on Test Day

Catherine on February 23, 2016

Ever been tempted to skip breakfast on test day? Maybe you think your stomach can’t handle food that early, or perhaps you think it’ll make you too tired to function. In reality, eating a healthy, filling breakfast on the morning of your test can help boost your performance and keep your brain functioning optimally throughout the exam. Research demonstrates that breakfast helps improve memory searches, problem-solving abilities, and attention spans. Given all the benefits of the day’s first meal, don’t fall into the trap of skipping it! Try one of these winning breakfast ideas on test day:

Breakfast Burritos

best_test_day_breakfast_1Burritos make a great grab-and-go option. Stuff whole wheat tortillas with scrambled eggs, beans, rice, cheese, and salsa for a balanced meal that packs protein, carbs, and fiber. You can even prepare your burritos in bulk in advance and store them in the freezer. On test day, just pop a burrito or two in the microwave before you head out!

Steel-Cut Oatmeal

best_test_day_breakfast_2Steel-cut oatmeal undergoes less processing, so it offers more complex carbohydrates than the microwaveable packets you might be used to. Serve your oatmeal with slices of bananas, fresh berries, and nut butters for additional protein.

Rice Bowls

best_test_day_breakfast_3You might be familiar with rice bowls for dinner, but they make great breakfasts too! Top a bowl of rice with healthy toppings like sautéed spinach, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, avocados, and a shot of hot sauce. You can even use brown rice if you’re looking for an additional fiber boost.

Breakfast Sandwiches

best_test_day_breakfast_4Layer some scrambled eggs and lean protein, like turkey sausage, on to toasted English muffins. Try adding a slice or two of cheddar to increase the protein. Serve with a banana or apple to help balance out the meal.


best_test_day_breakfast_5If you’re really low on time, you can always spread some mini bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter and pack them in plastic bags to go. Remember, you don’t need to become a gourmet chef on test day. Bagels are a great time-saver, and still offer the energy you’ll need to stay focused for your test.


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