5 Ways Optimism Can Unlock Student Success

5 Ways Optimism Can Unlock Student Success

Catherine on April 6, 2016

School and test prep can be a stressful combination, particularly when you have two quizzes, a homework assignment, and an admission test on the horizon. It can be all too easy to say “I can’t” and throw in the towel. But negativity doesn’t get you very far in either your personal or academic goals. In fact, a negative attitude stunts your potential.

What does go far, however, is optimism. Think positively about your time and commitments, and you’ll find it so much easier to flourish as a student!

1. It gives us motivation

People who lack motivation are often hindered by a negative attitude. They think about everything that could go wrong, internalize worst-case scenarios, and thus don’t see a reason to try.

For example, if you think you’re “just not good at reading,” do you really think you’ll spend a lot of time trying to improve your reading scores? It’s unlikely. In contrast, if you see reading as a great opportunity to unlock serious score increases, you’ll set yourself up for much more success.

Optimism is the key to motivation. A positive attitude encourages you to “go for the gold”!

2. It improves our self-esteem

You’re a smart, capable student who wants to use education as a path to personal and professional growth. That’s commendable. Tell yourself that you are worthy and that your goals are worthy. Tell yourself often!

When you believe in your own potential and your ability to achieve, the possibilities are limitless. While barriers and challenges might stand in your way, a positive attitude can help you hurdle over them.

3. It improves our health

Scientists believe that people with a positive attitude have a stronger immune system that helps fight illness. Optimism is also a proven stress-buster. Stress can lead to fatigue and illness as well, so think of optimism as preventative medicine that works.

4. It helps build our social circles

Think about your friends and why you surround yourself with them – it’s probably because they’re fun to spend time with and energizing to be around. No one wants to be around someone who’s negative all the time – that person would drain all the fun out of a party!

If you wouldn’t want to be friends with a “Negative Nancy,” you shouldn’t be one either. A positive outlook can help you make and keep friends who can be your support system.

5. It shows us reasons to be thankful

As a student, you’ve benefited from a lot of people who have helped you along your educational journey. Maybe a teacher inspired you to get involved with science. Or maybe a professor showed you how incredible archaeology can be. Perhaps a mentor wrote you an outstanding letter of recommendation for a research program that you found rewarding.

Optimism will remind you to stop every once in a while and thank those who support you every day!


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