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5 Creative Ideas for Funding Your College Prep Programs

If you work in a school or university — especially one that is publicly funded — you’ve probably seen your discretionary budget shrink in recent years.  At the same time, you’ve probably also noticed that expectations for student preparedness have skyrocketed.  Where does that leave you? With great aspirations for college prep programs — from test prep to college tours to advising — but limited funding.

Have no fear — Magoosh is here to help!

1. Government grant funding

The federal government hands out lots of money to schools and universities that use technology to close the achievement gap. They do require some work, but there’s a lot of funding out there.

Here are a few resources that can help!




Many states and districts also offer grants — search your state’s Department of Education website for more info!


2. Local businesses

Many local businesses would love to help out schools in their communities! And most of them only require a letter and brief proposal on school letterhead and the ability to put their name and logo on a school banner or t-shirt. You’ll never know if you don’t ask!


3. Parent / Teacher / Student associations

PTSAs are another great source of funding — especially considering that what you’re asking for will benefit their students!


Many PTSA leaders are also active in local chambers of commerce, businesses, or other community groups, so even if they don’t have the money they might know someone who does. Again, asking never hurts!



No it doesn’t, Leslie.



As a former teacher, I used DonorsChoose a lot. The service has funded nearly half a million projects, raising more than $250 million for US public schools.



While many college prep services (including Magoosh) aren’t available through the traditional vendors on DonorsChoose, you can still use the service to fund your college prep program. Special requests require more points and cooperation from the providers you want to use, but it’s definitely still possible. We’re happy to work with you on the particulars!


5. Use free resources!

We get it, sometimes there just aren’t enough funds to do everything you want to do in your school. But there are a ton of free resources out there — including ours!

Magoosh makes free apps, blogs, and videos to help students prep for exams. No, it’s not a complete package like our premium product, but we consistently hear from students who succeed at the highest levels just using our free materials. Check out what one of our students had to say:




So, all that being said…


Happy fundraising!


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