Magoosh Student Happiness Report — August 2014

Always respected and revered—August is a special month (and not just because it’s my birthday month). August reminds us to dash outside and drink deeply the long summer days and the warm summer sun before it fades into the reds and oranges and crisp cold nights of Fall.




August at Magoosh was another impressive month. Stoke and happiness prevailed for our students!


Stoke — By the Numbers

We just keep climbing the ticket ladder. In July, we had 4,500 tickets, and in August we saw over a thousand more. With grad school applications looming this Fall, we expect to see the numbers continue to climb. 😀


tix numbers


To handle this increase in numbers, we’ve been hiring new tutors, and more of us in the office have had to spend more time answering questions. We are currently looking for another Student Help Associate to help with the busy season.


Enough with the logistics, though. Let’s get to the fun part.


Student Stoke

Let’s see how our students felt in the month of August. Did the stoke persist as much as past months? Did we make new friends?


Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Our best interactions with students come after they’ve taken the test. I love the relationships we build with students over the course of their studies.


It’s truly amazing how hard our students work, and it’s so wonderful that they want to share their success with us.








Strong Apps + Free Resources + Fun = Stoked Learners

Magoosh thinks that high quality materials and resources should be widely accessible for all students. That’s why we provide a wealth of free, high-quality resources for all students to use.


Oura free Calculus product is now completely free for any one to use. We have a growing number of free apps that students can download on their Android phones and iPhones. Not to mention, we have numerous GRE, GMAT, and SAT eBooks for students that are completley free. And don’t get me started on our blogs—a cornucopia of strategies, practice problems, and study plans.


As you will see below, these are not fluffy, cotton candy apps and eBooks, empty of meaningful content. We are providing valuable resources to any student who needs help.










Magoosh Experts: Purveyors of Knowledge and Stoke

I am very privileged and lucky to work alongside so many brilliant educators. Magoosh is truly blessed to have committed and passionate teachers creating amazing content and answering student questions. So much of our success comes from our Content Team and our Test Prep Experts. And our students noticed as well.












It’s Not Customer Service—It’s Student Stoke

I love telling people that we don’t have customers—we have students! Calling them students and saying that we are helping them changes the mindset of everyone involved. It reminds all of us that we are educators. In my opinion, the responsibility to a student is much greater than the responsibilty to a customer.


When we do this, we make friends. We provide a personal experience and empathize with their needs. We even bring them to tears sometimes. 🙂













Having a Blast Studying

If you are having fun, you’ll learn something. This is so abundantly clear. How quickly do we learn games with intricate rules, various levels, and multiple variables? Why is that? It’s because games are fun, and we enjoy the end result.


For a standardized test, it’s even more important to make things fun and have a sense of humor. The process is already tedious and exacting. It’s our job to make it less so. We need to make studying for the GRE or GMAT a fun endeavour. It’s nice to see when we succeed!






Staying Stoked

If, at the end of the day, students can call us a friend, we have succeed. What other metric could be more important than the one that says you made a friend today at work, who you’ve never met in person and who you’ve only interacted with over the Internet? None that I can think of.


That’s what makes me stoked about Magoosh.




Be excellent to the universe, good people! Keep the happiness high and the stoke level at eleven.




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