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    Peter helps make sure Magoosh students have the best possible content. A proud Arizona Wildcat and Teach for America alum, he worked as an instructional coach before getting an MBA at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He is passionate about student achievement and educational equity. Also prime numbers. Peter enjoys cooking, running (slowly), and going to bed comically early.

Want to Hire the Best Candidates? Add Salary Ranges to Your Job Descriptions

Here’s how we’ve approached equal pay through salary transparency, and how you can too. What would happen if all salaries at your company became public today — everyone found out what everyone else was paid? Would an employee be upset to learn that they were being paid less than their peers of equal experience? Would […]

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Education App Review: B+ for Mathway

Magoosh wants to make sure you have what you need to be successful.  To ensure that you’ve got all the right tools (read: apps) in your toolbelt (read: phone), we scour the app stores finding and rating education apps. Last time we reviewed StudyBlue (an app for storing and accessing class notes, flashcards, and lectures), […]

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