Am I Eligible for a TOEFL Fee Waiver or a TOEFL Voucher?

Taking the TOEFL is expensive. Not only do you have to pay to take the test ($160 – $250 USD!), but you also might need to spend a bit of money to purchase preparation materials. So, is there any way to reduce the costs of taking the exam? ETS has 2 programs in place; however, they are both pretty specific. Read on to see if you qualify for either of these fee-reduction programs!

TOEFL Fee Waivers

TOEFL fee waivers are designed for high school seniors in the US. The fee reduction is one half of the regular test fee.

Here are the eligibility requirements for TOEFL fee waivers. You must:

  • be a nonnative speaker of English
  • be a senior at a high school in the United States
  • demonstrate financial need (income requirements here)

In addition to meeting all of the requirements above, you must ALSO be:

  • a member of a family receiving public assistance;
  • a resident in a federally subsidized public housing project; or
  • enrolled in a program for the economically disadvantaged, such as Upward Bound.

You can receive only one fee reduction voucher in your senior year. If you qualify, you can request a fee reduction here.

And lastly, foreign exchange students are not eligible. So, this program does not help international students who want move to the US to study.

TOEFL Vouchers

ETS also offers a TOEFL Registration Voucher Service. These vouchers are purchased by academic institutions, and given to students so they can take the exam for free. If you’re currently attending a high school or university, you should ask your counselor if your school provides vouchers. 🙂

Even if you’re not eligible for either of these specific programs, you should still ask your counselor about any available scholarships that might help you pay for the TOEFL.

And lastly, if you have no room in your budget left to pay for preparation materials, you should check out our recommended free resources and sign up for a free trial of Magoosh. 🙂


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