Where to Find Logic Games Sequencing Practice

Looking for more LSAT Logic Games Sequencing practice?

You have two main options when it comes to finding high quality Logic Games practice that also targets specific game types.

Third Party Prep Materials

You could go out and buy any number of different LSAT prep books. These may contain anywhere from a few to dozens of practice Logic Games, and many of them will sort the games by type to allow you to focus on a particular style of game or set of skills. They will also include some nice strategies for tackling each game type, so this is an investment worth making if you have absolutely no experience with Logic Games and you need to start with the basics.

We’re quite partial to Magoosh’s online Logic Games course if you’re at this stage of the game (no pun intended). There you will find video lessons that outline how to set scoring goals, determine your pacing, deal with formal logic, identify game and question types, and then tackle each game type step by step. Plus, you’ll get tons of fantastically friendly email support if you have any questions and access to actual LSAC Logic Game questions—115 to be exact—through your online account. You can even sort by game type so you can easily focus your practice.

But for those of you who have already watched the videos and are wondering where to find extra targeted practice, there’s another great option…

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Real LSAT PrepTests

Once you’ve learned how to identify game types and navigate solving a Logic Game, you’ll want to hone your skills with the highest quality practice material available. Where can you find that?

The Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests series.

This is a series of books released by LSAC (the folks who write the exam), each of which contains 10 real LSATs that have been administered in the past. The books are available for purchase at LSAC’s online shop, and they are quite affordable. There are not a lot of frills to them. They contain real exams, along with answer keys and score conversion tables for each one. That’s it, and that’s almost exactly what you want.

Why the Actual, Official Series?

Because these are real exams! Every other LSAT prep product on the market is made by somebody imitating these exams. Some do a great job of that, and others less so. However, even the best imitation LSAT is still an imitation LSAT.

If you’re looking for authentic practice material, LSAC is the brand you want and the Actual, Official series gives you the most bang for your buck.

What would make the Actual, Official PrepTests series even better?

As it stands, it’s up to you to either use the PrepTests as complete practice tests or to break them up and focus on specific skills or question types. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to pick through each test and find the questions that relate to whatever skill you’re trying to target. That can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Furthermore, it puts pressure on you to correctly identify every question type. While that’s sometimes easy, it can get tricky with harder questions or less common question types.

So let Magoosh do the work for you!

Below is a list of every standard Sequencing game that appears in the most recent official PrepTests released by LSAC. If you purchase Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V which contains PrepTests 62-71, you’ll have access to the vast majority of the games listed here. I would highly recommend making this purchase to start out. That way, you have plenty of material to help you refine the skills you’re learning in our Logic Games videos.

Once you’ve worked through all of these tests, check back here to find an expanded listing that includes tests in other volumes of the Actual, Official series.

And without further ado, from Magoosh to you, the Sequencing Games:

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