McGeorge Law LSAT Scores

Located in Sacramento, California, McGeorge Law School is a private, ABA approved school affiliated with the University of the Pacific. In its 2017 rankings of top law schools, U.S. News & World Report listed McGeorge at #144.
The law school is well-known for its strength in international law, part-time law, and trial advocacy. Over 50% of McGeorge faculty have either produced scholarship focused on international / comparative law or have taught abroad.
Each class enrolls about 140 full-time students and 40 part-time students. Public colleges and universities in California are McGeorge’s most popular “feeder schools.” Tuition at McGeorge totals $48,274 per year for full-time students and $32,060 per year for those attending part-time.

McGeorge Law School LSAT numbers

The median LSAT score for McGeorge’s entering class from the current school year was 151.
McGeorge’s 25th percentile on the LSAT was 148; the law school’s 75th percentile was 154.

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How does your score compare?

The law school’s LSAT numbers aren’t very competitive, so it’s relatively easier to get into McGeorge than at many other schools in the country. To maximize your chances of admission, focus on your GPA (in addition to your LSAT). McGeorge’s median GPA is 3.15. Its 25th percentile GPA is 2.92, and its 75th percentile GPA is 3.42.
160+: Because high LSAT scores are less common in the McGeorge applicant pool, you can really stand out if you bring a score in the 160+ range. If you have a quality personal statement and strong academic record to match your LSAT score, you’ll be a competitive candidate for full-tuition scholarships.
159-156: An LSAT score in this range will be above McGeorge’s 75th percentile, so it’ll make a strong case for your admission. You should also be in the running for some partial or even full-tuition scholarships to offset school costs.
155-153: With a score in this range, you’ll be sitting right around McGeorge’s 75th percentile – a good place to be. Pair your LSAT with a solid GPA, and you’ll have a great shot at admission.
152-150: A score in the low 150s will be near McGeorge’s 50th percentile. You’ll have more competition from other candidates in this range, but your LSAT score should still help you clear the admissions hurdle.
149-148: You’ll still fall at or above McGeorge’s 25th percentile with a score in the high 140s. While your chances for admission are much lower in this range, you shouldn’t count yourself out– particularly so if you have a high GPA.
147 and below: Since your score is now below the law school’s 25th percentile, you’ll really be facing an uphill battle for admission. Consider retaking the LSAT to give you a more realistic shot of earning an acceptance. To help you ace your retake, check out some of our best LSAT tips here.

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