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So, you’ve decided that you want to go to law school. That’s great! But now what?

One of the first steps in your journey is taking the LSAT. The LSAT is the Law School Admission Test, and it’s required for admission to almost every accredited law school in the United States. A few law schools are now accepting GRE scores instead of LSAT scores, but there aren’t enough law schools following that trend to count on the GRE just yet.

The bottom line is this: If you want to become an attorney, you will need to earn a good LSAT score. That’s why we’ve designed this LSAT Study Guide PDF with everything you’ll need to know about prepping for the LSAT.

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Prepping for the LSAT can be overwhelming. There are dozens of questions that must be answered before you even look at a test question:

  • How should you study for the LSAT?
  • How do you register for the LSAT?
  • When should you take it?
  • What’s a good score?
  • How long should you study?

Once your preliminary questions have been answered, you’ll need to start studying.

That’s where things really get tough.

How do you study for the LSAT? The LSAT is one of the most difficult verbal exams you’ll ever encounter, so you need solid study advice. But even though there are tons of LSAT study aids, they vary widely in quality, and it’s hard for LSAT students to figure out which study materials are good and which are bad.

That’s where Magoosh comes in!

We’ve been in the test prep business for years. Our experts have studied the LSAT thoroughly and compiled the best strategies. Students have learned to trust our materials because we offer sound advice at a reasonable cost. You can check it out for yourself with our 7-day LSAT trial.

And great news! Our LSAT prep program now includes official LSAT questions and a full LSAT practice test!

Magoosh’s new LSAT Study Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the LSAT. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of LSAT advice on the internet, look no further. Our LSAT Study Guide spells out the basics and puts you on the right path toward score improvement!

What You’ll Find In the LSAT Study Guide

Magoosh’s LSAT Study Guide is a downloadable booklet that provides the following:

  • An introduction to the Magoosh team and our online LSAT prep product.
  • An overview of the LSAT (including registration instructions) and the law school admissions process.
  • Four study schedules, ranging from two weeks to three months.
  • General study strategies to master the LSAT and specific strategies for attacking each section.

Some LSAT prep materials are incomplete or just plain wrong. Other LSAT materials contain so many details that they end up confusing students rather than helping them. Magoosh’s LSAT Study Guide strikes the perfect balance. The Guide is easily readable in one or two sessions. And it provides links to numerous additional resources for further study. Plus, it was written by Magoosh’s LSAT experts, so you can be confident in the information and strategies.

Who Should Use the LSAT Study Guide

Magoosh’s LSAT materials are designed for everyone. Anyone studying for the LSAT should be familiar with the advice in the LSAT Study Guide. It’s not the final resource you’ll need to maximize your score, but it does contain some essential information on how to prep and how long it takes.

If you’re just getting started and you know very little about the LSAT, the Study Guide is perfect for you! This Guide answers the following questions about LSAT prep:

  • Who administers the LSAT?
  • When is the test offered?
  • How do you register for the LSAT?
  • What are the best study methods?
  • How much time does it take to prep?

But what if you’re already familiar with the LSAT? Perhaps you’ve been studying for a few months, or maybe you’ve read some strategy books. Magoosh’s LSAT Study Guide can help you too! Reading our Guide will ensure that you haven’t overlooked any important questions. Do know when to take the LSAT to maximize your admissions prospects? Is your study plan complete and effective? Our LSAT Study Guide will help you tie up any loose ends now so you can move forward confidently with your study plan.

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How to Use This LSAT Study Guide

We wanted to answer every student’s #1 question: How do I study for the LSAT?

With the LSAT Study Guide, we did just that!

If you’re just beginning to prep for the LSAT, you should read the entire LSAT Study Guide. That will give you a firm foundation for your LSAT prep, and it will provide you will additional resources for further study.

If you are already familiar with the LSAT, you might use the LSAT Study Guide as a reference tool to fill in gaps in your knowledge. The Guide’s table of contents consists of clickable links so you can jump to any section of the document easily. For example, if you’re mostly interested in reading our strategies for logic games, you can click the Logic Games link in the table of contents, and your browser will automatically display the corresponding section of text in the Study Guide.

Each section of the LSAT Study Guide contains useful information and a number of helpful links. Clicking these links will take you, for example, to the LSAT registration page, or to Magoosh’s blog. Many of our linked blog posts contain additional information about LSAT prep. Furthermore, the LSAT Study Guide links to several video lessons, which you can watch for free, from Magoosh’s online LSAT prep product.

Where to Find More LSAT Study Material

If you’ve already researched the basics of the LSAT, then you’re probably ready for more in-depth materials. Here are a few suggestions.

Magoosh’s online LSAT prep product is a great way to prep for the LSAT. But if you’re looking for printed materials instead of online materials, we recommend the following books:

To start planning your LSAT studies, take a look at our LSAT study plans:

Happy studying!

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